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  1. weird, should those logs be ticked to be sent? I have ticked on all of them but then the sending was indeed too fast. Anyway, I have installed the new version 6054 and so far I could not replicate the issue. If it will happen again I will forward the logs. Thanks,
  2. Thank you GT500, I have just sent now the logs referring to your request + hyperlink to this thread. It is definitively something within the latest update as I can reproduce the problem 100% of the times (moving from stable to betas)
  3. Just an heads up... since I have updated to the latest beta of EIS (6026 and 6054) 50% of the times the wifi drivers would not load at boot. Therefore the WIFI on the system (Surface Pro on windows 10 64bit) would not work. Went back to the stable release and all seems fine again. I am not sure how the beta can block the drivers/wifi. May be just a coincidence? Anyway reporting this before this goes mainstream... Happy to troubleshoot if needed. Thanks, Fax
  4. nslookup fails but it seems that it not a good way to test as everything works fine (EIS updates without problems and from ipconfig all is configured as intended).
  5. Flashed... no problem as before... I must be the only one for which it works
  6. Tested now on "france" and no problem...
  7. Have you tried to reset your TCP/IP stack and flash any DNS cache? http://www.thewindowsclub.com/reset-tcp-ip-internet-protocol https://www.whatsmydns.net/flush-dns.html
  8. Very strange... I am currently connected via VyprVPN to test and updated EIS without problems. The version of VyprVPN used is on WIN10 64bit. Default settings with OpenVPN protocol.
  9. In the VyprVPN app under the DNS tab, set the DNS manually (use for example OpenDNS servers) and see if this helps.
  10. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but if you really want to troubleshoot conflicts you need to go deeper. Its not enough to disable components of the tools to draw conclusions on conflicts. Core and kernel drivers will be still loaded or re-started upon shutdown) and these will be the elements that will cause conflicts (behind the lines). You really need to fully remove applications to properly test. There is no major issue whatsoever here with EIS firewall and windows 10. So your problems may be related to other interactions and specific local configuration. I would first start clean, install only EIS and troubleshoot with support on this bases.
  11. IMO, too many tools with overlapping features. It may have always worked before but this is simply just looking for troubles. On top, this strategy may not always lead to better protection, on the contrary. I would simply to decide which firewall to use (and use only one), which main AV to use (and use only one). Then if you really feel like, you can add complementary software (specific anti-exploits tools, anti-keyloogers, adware blocking, etc.)
  12. Glad to hear you solved the problem!
  13. For your information, here EIS version and VyprVPN and no issue whatsoever. Have you tried to update to the latest EIS version?
  14. If you happen to run a virus while you are installing a new version of emsisoft then you are vulnerable. You are advised by the popup. This does not just happen to emsisoft but to any antivirus software in the world. You must try really hard to get infected under this scenario as it happens rarely and only for few seconds. Lol
  15. "Emisoft update" means replacing Emsisoft with a new version. This is different from the ordinary hourly/daily updates . Emsisoft does not shutdown when updating hourly/daily. You may be confusing the two scenarios.
  16. I see this only when EIS updates main dlls and executables of the software ((e.g. A new beta build was issued today). It must to briefly shutdown it's processes to install the new components. Here is a matter of few seconds.
  17. From here: http://support2.microsoft.com/hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=2958399&kbln=en-us You will see that the hotfix is for all languages.
  18. Actually I see the same in my system, uninstalling EIS will always leave this file behind. It can't be deleted... Only by renaming it and deleting during boot.
  19. It looks like it was a DNS issue of the VPN provider
  20. Thanks Peter, could be an issue with the provider and application used to connect. I am indeed also checking this...
  21. I seem to experience increasing problems with latest version EIS (5641) on windows 10 and my VPN (vyprvpn on OpenVPN protocol). I am not sure it is a windows 10 or a combination between win10-EIS. I often cannot connect successfully or to better saying I connect but I cannot get an IP. What I need to do is to shutdown fully EIS and then trying again. Once connected I can enable again EIS. I can't see anything wrong in the logs. So, not really sure it is all related to EIS. With previous version of EIS I did not have these problems. Anything I could provide you to check its not an EIS problem? Thanks, Fax
  22. Read here:http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/18511-internet-security-windows-10/#entry136601 (i.e. removing EIS and reinstalling it should fix it). I assume you refer to Emsisoft Internet Security (having posted here) otherwise best waiting for official Emsisoft staff to reply.
  23. Actually the current version works fine with Windows 10. Have you actually tried? I can see only limitations in the firewall part but this has been apparently now fixed with the latest beta (not tried yet)
  24. The subject of the thread says it all, if you mix different issues in one single thread you also make the life of users looking for solutions in this forum a very difficult journey. I would never look into a "scan log" thread if I am looking for hints on issues with the performance of my system. Not too difficult to follow, no?
  25. Thank you Fabian, it seem that the final release you just pushed out works just fine here!
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