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  1. Hi We want EIS please Don't remove this product No one Trust windows firewall and it's complicated to work at least ask for your loyal users to vote about this if you remove firewall from your product its no difference from other free antivirus solution you'll lose a lot customers I hope you listen to us
  2. I know What you mean But I fixed My problem With this I think file restart or fix emsisoft services to able to start again
  3. Thanks for the replay I resolved my issue with this post thanks
  4. hi I can't start my emsisoft it's says a major problem prevented the application from starting What Should I do?
  5. is merge antimalware with internet security possible and I have 260 days internet license if I buy another 1 year can I merge that too?
  6. thanks to me I Figure out a way to fix this crashs with changing proxifiction engine in 32 bit and 64 bit change intercept network calls from winsock library to winsock base provider in both 32/64 bits and change hook type from module copy to function prologue copy in both 32/64 bits in proxifier application and thanks to GT500 for helping me
  7. yes.I can use this vpn without any problem when emsisoft uninstalled emsisoft cause this issue
  8. Hi some of my softwares crash when I connecting to proxy software softwares:Potplayer.Chrome.Firefox and sometimes Explorer.exe restart automatically when i uninstall emsisoft my problem fixed how can i fix this? thanks in advance
  9. I also have this problem please fix it as soon as possible thanks
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