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  1. Thank you again. Now downloaded trial of Emisoft. Added the Emisoft safe browser extension to browser used for banking and completed updates and scans. Is that all that is necessary please ?
  2. Thank you for your helpful information. Sorry for asking basic questions but I am 88 years old now and not to high on I.T. knowledge.
  3. My question was about firewall, and, I understood some changes had been improvements in the year since I posted the earlier question. Thank you but you don't have to make me feel like I am being told off and wasting time.
  4. I have been using Kaspersky for some time now and am not entirely convinced that it gives any more protection with its 'Safe Money" . My subscription is about to expire and I am looking at Emisoft to trial. The one thing that concerns me about Emisoft is that it is said that it does not have a firewall, which means I guess that it relies on Windows Security. I do lots of Online Banking and want to be sure that I am protected as much as I can be, would appreciate any suggestions/advice.
  5. I am considering Emisoft. I do daily online banking. Will Emisoft be OK and should I supplement with anti-keylogger or something like Malware Bytes for extra cover. Thanks.
  6. Too technical for me to understand. Must be an easier way to re-install a program. I discarded the software and now use something a bit more friendly. Support people should realise that not everyone can be i/t savvy.
  7. Emisoft was inadvertently uninstalled during PC repair. When I try to reinstall I am getting message to indicate licence code not compatible with new download copy. What to do please ?
  8. Only have UBlock Origin extension installed as you recommended. May I ask what you mean by opening a private window to do banking. I routinely open the bank website from a bookmark.
  9. OK got Vivaldi and the extension installed. I like the look of Vivaldi, wish I could use it for my general browsing but think its better to use only for online banking .
  10. thanks Arthur I have downloaded a trial copy today. Am using Opera Browser exclusively for my Bank Websites.
  11. Your detailed comments much appreciated, thanks. If I could get my mind to accept that banking without a 'Safe Zone' is safe I would have no hesitation about installing Emisoft. Maybe its possible to use a serperate safe browser with Emisoft - or am I just being
  12. Thanks again Arthur If I use EIS would I need to add another programme such as Antimalware.
  13. Thanks for your response and apologies for late reply. Are you able to say if other products which have extra banking related features are any more effective because of the extra feature or is such a feature mainly 'cosmetic'.?
  14. I have read good reports of Emisoft IS and am considering this as a change option when my Bitdefender IS subscription expires in a few days. I have heard that Emisoft only works with Internet Explorer browser, is this correct ? Also, Bitdefender has Safe Pay for banking which I use extensively. Emisoft IS does not appear to have this but I am told that Safe Pay and things like Safe Zone are just cosmetic dressings to some security suites. Is this correct ? Any advice and recommendations much appreciated. Thanks.
  15. :unsure: I purchased Emisoft IS earlier this year. My PC has had to be completely reformatted and in the process I have lost all my details .Can anyone help with information about how I can recover my code please.
  16. Hi Thomas Thanks for the PM and assist. I have replied with PM.
  17. Following Windows 10 upgrade I could not access EIS and following forum advice I uninstalled and reinstalled. I cannot locate my Licence and cannot access my account so I have had to install a trial copy. Would appreciate help as to how to locate Licence so I can upgrade from the Trial Copy.
  18. EIS will not start after my W10 install. Cannot open from any file including original download. When I click onto original shortcut it say there is a component missing and sometimes a message box appears which says something like ... A major problem prevented application from starting... Restart... Same thing happens again after restart.
  19. So, since it is confirmed that EIS is not working with Windows 10 why no pre warning of this shortfall ?
  20. Ok thanks for the comments.
  21. GT500 ..........The images I posted were for Surf Protection.
  22. At last I have a screenshot
  23. Still cannot get PrtScr working - no images in any folder. I have to get my IT man to do it.... but surely there must be some other way to find out if the programme is working.
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