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  1. Hi The Overview screen indicates that my last update was 2 hours ago. But according to the Log my last update was over 3 hours ago and the Log no longer records those instances when there are no files available to download and install. Anyone else seeing this?
  2. I’ve just noticed that clicking on the ‘View details’ button in Logs no longer opens a report detailing information on a finished scan. It opens a report detailing information on ‘Scan started’ but not on ‘Scan finished’. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. I hadn't received any updates since 01:07 GMT today. My internet connection is working fine. I clicked on Update now and it stuck on Initialising, then clicked on Cancel Update and it stuck on Cancelling. After a restart updates started almost immediately. As a result, could updates have become corrupted and should I reinstall?
  4. Hi Gawg Thanks for your comments. I'll try a reboot first when future problems arise.
  5. Hi GT500 Thanks for your replies to my recent posts.
  6. Hi I just noticed that all my log entries had disappeared and new events were no longer being logged. However, I restarted my PC and the entries are back and the log is now working. Can anyone offer an explanation or is it just one of those things? After posting the above I noticed a number of errors in Event Viewer concerning Emsisoft: 1. Faulting application path: C:Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware \a2service.exe Faulting module path: C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\a2core.dll 2. APPCRASH - problem signature 3. Emsisoft Protection Service service terminated unexpectedly Is the cause to do with these entries?
  7. As I said, the event no longer appears in Event Viewer since reinstalling. So, do I still need to run Emsiclean? If so, is it really necessary to raise a support ticket and attach a log before proceeding, as your guide says?
  8. Hi After uninstalling EAM the following event appeared in Event Viewer on restarting my PC: ‘The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: epp’. The above event repeated each time I restarted my PC. Is this normal? After reinstalling it no longer appears.
  9. You say the behaviour should now be as expected. Not wishing to labour the point, that suggests that if the option remained unchecked, protection would have disabled when the fix was made. If that’s so and if a user is unaware the option had become unchecked, their PC protection would be affected.
  10. After posting the above I restarted my PC and EAM has now updated. What could've been the cause?
  11. I've just noticed that Update is stuck on initialising. My last update was 3 hours ago. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  12. When I first posted this issue I got the impression it was a bug in the program that needed fixing. I was told the issue had already been raised on the forum. I would think that other users are also affected but not aware of it. I wasn’t until I noticed by chance the change in Advanced Settings as the program didn’t appear to be behaving differently. I checked on my wife’s computer and the option had also become unchecked. So in its current version is the program doing anything differently whether the option is checked or not?
  13. I enabled the option to start with Windows and it remains enabled after restarting.
  14. Hi Is there any update on a fix?
  15. Thanks Jeremy and GT500 for your replies. a2service.exe does show under all users. So I'll leave the Start on Windows startup unchecked and an eventual fix will check it.