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  1. No, they have different licence keys.
  2. Hi EAM is installed on my PC and my wife’s laptop, both with Windows 7 Pro. I’ve noticed that on mine the initial GUI screen says “Your computer is protected by Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home”, whereas on my wife’s it omits “Home”. Both versions are up-to-date. Any idea why the difference?
  3. jamjar

    Gravatar redirect

    Hi When I logged into My Emsisoft Account I saw an unfamiliar avatar next to my name. I clicked on Change and was redirected to the sign-in page of a website called Gravatar, which I'd never heard of before. Shouldn't there be some warning to tell you that you're going to be redirected to a different website?
  4. jamjar

    Adobe Flash Player

    I can watch programmes on BBC iPlayer without having to install Flash Player but Channel 4 still requires Flash.
  5. jamjar

    Lag in the Logs

    I have the latest version 8910. After a manual scan has finished, the Logs continue to show Scanning is in progress. It’s only when a subsequent action occurs (e.g. an update) that the Logs will show Scan has finished.
  6. jamjar

    Silent mode

    In the latest version 8910, what is the default option for silent mode? I didn't realise at first that clicking on the bell icon was changing it.
  7. jamjar

    Preshutdown events in Event Viewer

    Thanks for your reply.
  8. jamjar

    Preshutdown events in Event Viewer

    Hi Jeremy Thanks for your reply. “More likely, WU has broken itself”. Am I right in thinking that that doesn't mean WU on my PC might be broken?
  9. I recently had the following error message in Event Viewer every time I shut down my PC: “The Emsisoft Protection Service service did not shut down properly after receiving a preshutdown control.” This was resolved after receiving update 8843. However, after receiving Tuesday’s Windows updates, I now have this error message: “The Windows Update service did not shut down properly after receiving a preshutdown control.” I've not had these events showing up before. Just a coincidence or could it be an underlying problem?
  10. jamjar

    Event Viewer Error

    I waited for the 8843 stable update and issue is now resolved. Thanks.
  11. jamjar

    Event Viewer Error

    Hi GT500 Sorry, did you mean to say “hang/crash on startup” because my Event Viewer reports the error happening after log off/shutdown. Also, did you see anything in the diagnostic log I sent you that needs attention? Thanks.
  12. jamjar

    Event Viewer Error

    Yes, it does happen every time I log off. Log sent via private message.
  13. jamjar

    Event Viewer Error

    Hi I found the following error message in Event Viewer: The Emsisoft Protection Service service did not shut down properly after receiving a preshutdown control. The error message was timed immediately after I had logged off my PC (Windows 7 Professional). It’s only happened this once so shall I ignore it? In all other respects the program is working OK. A few hours later I logged off my PC again and got the above error message a second time.
  14. jamjar

    CLOSED Chrome Redirect

    Thanks. Regards John
  15. jamjar

    CLOSED Chrome Redirect

    Hi I’ve not had any redirects since first reporting. Thank you for your time and expertise. Regards John