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  1. Frank, It's better with the most recent 2017 build, but the W10 Security Center will still not show that EIS is protecting the system immediately after system boot\restart. EIS will show up in W10 Security Center about 3 minutes after system boot\restart. Until that moment, Security Center does not show Firewall and Anti-Malware in its menu.
  2. EIS - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Version 1607 OS Build 14393.576 * * * * * Install EIS 1. Windows' Antimalware service will continue to run for 3 - 5 minutes, even after a system reboot 2. Check Security & Maintenance > Security immediately after reboot; I can clearly see in Task Manager that it is running, performing its initial post-boot check with CPU usage 3. Neither EIS nor Windows Defender will appear under Security for a few minutes; the list of active AV is blank 4. When they do appear after about 3 - 5 minutes, then Security Center indicates that both Windows Defender and EIS are running - and gives the warning that two AV running at the same time is not recommended 5. After about 30 seconds, Windows Defender disappears from the Security Center and only EIS remains The above will occur after system reboot every time
  3. Despite my best efforts I cannot replicate. Appears to be "one-off." At the time the issue occurred, EIS was set to update automatically.
  4. It might be "one-off." It was an issue I noticed "on-the-fly." So created a2guard.dmp.
  5. EIS Windows 10 Home Version 1607 OS Build 14393.447 Shadow Defender EIS update freezes in Shadow Defender Shadow Mode. a2guard CPU will remain at approximately 15 %. This issue was caught "on-the-fly" so I collected an a2guard memory dump using Windows task manager. a2guard task manager memory dump attached. a2guard.7z
  6. EIS At the moment I do not have VMWare set up to fully explore the consequences, but I have noticed that a user can create block rules in Application Rules for critical Windows processes such as: ntoskernel.exe smss.exe csrss.exe winlogon.exe services.exe lsass.exe Simply reporting my observation.
  7. Windows 10 Home Version 1607 OS Build 14393.447 I cannot reproduce; all scan types will pause as intended using the Pause feature.
  8. EIS Windows 10 Home Version 1607 OS Build 14393.477 Select any file or shortcut on desktop > right-click > select "Scan with Emsisoft Internet Security" > Overview tab graphics will "flash" for a brief moment before Scan tab appears Same issue happened in
  9. EIS Windows 10 Home Version 1607 OS Build 14393.477 Reboot system > double-click EIS tray icon > GUI will open offset (partially off screen at bottom and right side) to the lower right corner of display It does not happen every single time, but instead most of the time Same happened in
  10. EIS Windows 10 Home Version 1607 OS Build 14393.477 i7 4720 w\SSD Quick Scan - 7 sec Malware Scan - 14 sec Full System Scan - 1 min 30 sec Essentially the same as Splitting hairs... SSD is cheating anyways
  11. EIS Windows 10 Home Version 1607 OS Build 14393.447 i7 12 GB RAM 256 GB SSD (10 % includes all partitions - so not much of anything installed) * * * * * 1. Perhaps in 1 out of 10 installs, I have observed Shell Intrastructure Host at 99+% CPU immediately after EIS installation. Reboot system solves issue. 2. If configure a Windows logon password, with EIS installed, at WinLogon window there is minor mis-behavior. The cursor will temporarily hang in the Password or PIN field. This issue was very noticeable in the beta versions of EIS 12. It's still noticeably present, but to a lesser extent.
  12. Never mind. I see the mistake I made. I created a specific block rule and not a generic "All Blocked" rule. Only an "All Blocked" rule shows in the Application Rules list. Please close thread.
  13. EIS Not sure if this is by design (a change from prior EIS versions) or a bug - so I post the report here. Create firewall block rule for program > Firewall rule on Application Rules tab shows "Custom" (in prior versions of EIS the firewall in\out would show "Blocked" when a block rule was created)
  14. I use EIS. Recently, my ISP started both IPv4 and native IPv6 support. I have read that there are security risks associated with IPv6 - and that a NAT router will not protect a system using IPv6. Other places I have read that a "stateful" firewall is needed. Another online source states that port-forwarding to a good firewall is the best protection when using IPv6. (I thought - why need port-forwarding for IPv6 if it Is NAT-less ! ?) What is Emsi's recommendation(s) regarding IPv6 and configuring EIS for best protection ? Thanks in advance.
  15. It is the Widows Store app. It is legitimate part of Windows.