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  1. Neither clicking on "Update or Remove rule" helps. Uninstalled and re-installed the app and that removes the warning, but I want to continue using the app.
  2. Having the latest updates of EIS. Updated Nvidia Graphic driver today and after that I can't get the Warning "Update rule/Remove rule" This hasn't happened to me before. What to do?
  3. Take a look: Emsisoft Internet Security Blue Screens, IRQ Errors Started by steptoe, 15 Nov 2014 That seems to have fixed my reasons for BSOD
  4. How can I stop EIS from quarantine a .dll?
  5. When using single version of Online Armor, the option to block all Internet traffic was present by right-clciking. Now that I'm using Internet Security package, I can't find a way to do this.
  6. I could connect to my NAS (I'm on Wi-Fi) when I was using Emisoft Anti-Malware and Emisoft Online Armor. When re-newing I bought Emisoft Internet Security and after installing that, I can't access my NAS anymore. Any help?
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