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  1. After installing the update x64 and rebooting, am still testing the I7, am currently logged in with vpn and surfing with Google chrome, I wanted to ask also something else. With online armor, when I tested the computer with shields up through www.grc.com all ports were stealth, now when I test it with EIS lots of ports are just closed but not stealth. When you combined the two of them in one, did you take off some of the security that the firewall had? Thank you.
  2. the hotfix from microsoft says it's not applicable to my computer. Windows 6.1- KB2958399-X86 Edited. I installed the x64 version of the above file, now it rebooted, I'll check if will show up blue screen or not, actually, when online it shows and it gets shown up more quickly if I use google chrome...God Bless Google lol...and Vpn...actually it makes sense, since vpn is for hiding and google is for nothing to hide...LOL!...just joking, will inform you if anything got better.
  3. Forgot to attach the file 120914-10264-01.dmp
  4. Hi, I have used Emisoft Internet Security for some months, without problems. Suddenly one or two weeks ago, can't remember, it started the computer to have blue screen of death constantly. I thought it was some kind of program, maybe a vpn driver or so, so I formated the laptop ( DELL I7 N5110 with ssd samsung) and installed everything from scratch and then made a backup with Acronis True Image for just in case. Again, after installation of EIS it started t have blue screens. Here is what it says... ______________ Ticket ID #RER-253-96236 Crash dump directory: C:\Windo
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