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  1. Sorry for the late answer: the problem is solved with the updated EAM. Thank You!
  2. Hi, with my email-software "The BAT!" i cannot send emails with large attachment (ie. 10 mb) when EAM is enabled. I get the following error messages in the Bat: !2018.11.08., 11:51:46: SEND - Message has not been sent. Server reply - !2018.11.08., 11:51:46: FETCH - Connection to host broken (last commands sent were: "DATA", "RSET") 2018.11.08., 11:51:46: SEND - connection finished - 0 message(s) sent If i turn EAM off, everything works fine, no problem at all. Emails with smaller attachments (ie. 1-5 mb) have no problems with EAM enabled. Any suggestions?
  3. hi, with the latest EIS i've got a serious RAM usage bug when i open Sleipnir browser: EIS just eating all of my memory! no problem with other browsers which i tested (chrome, firefox, vivaldi) thx, Peter
  4. hm, so i should not allow Screenpresso to connect to this server?
  5. hi, i've upgraded my pc from windows 8.1 to 10 and now EIS blocks Screenpresso software to connect to ip is that a false positive? i don't remember anything with windows 8.1. thx!
  6. hi Christian, thx for the very quick answer! modify this Sleipnir rule wasn't enough for me, i had to activate the "Don't alert..."-option for the following file too: "C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\Fenrir Inc\Sleipnir5\~temp\plugins\ChromiumEngine\chrome.exe".
  7. hi, since the latest Sleipnir browser update (6.1.4) Emsisoft has an "update rule" warning-loop every time i start the program. i have the "update rule" warning about 20-25 times before a single page is loaded, and then about 5-8 times with every new page opened... - very annoying! and as you can see the warnings are with no details at all. strange.
  8. thx a lot! the "custom rules" made the things a little bit complicated. (i was hoping to block th program with a single click )
  9. hi, 1. how can i block a program to go to the internet? by application rules it seems very complicated to me... 2. how can i add a portforward for qBittorrent? thx!
  10. hi, for many years i've used Bitdefender AV and IS, but now i'm trying Emsisoft IS. as a newbie with Emsisoft i've some questions: 1. does EIS have something like BD Trafficlight to see if a google-search-result is safe or not? (or is that fully unnecessary?) 2. in BD IS i've got an automatic scan maybe once a week - should i set up scheduled scan in EIS too? 3. how to set up rules for qBittorrent properly? at the first time i've allowed all connections, but in the behavior log i can see many entries for qBittorrent. is that normal? or should i change some settings? thank you!