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  1. I've been seeing something similar as well this week. EAM would be running, showing in the tray with protection enabled but WSC would show it as OFF (with Defender as ON having re enabled itself). It also was not consistent and I did not see any exclamation marks (though I expect because Defender had enabled itself). Reboots did not seem to solve it so as I was running the beta channel at the time I reinstalled and set to stable. Only been 24hours but has been OK so far.
  2. All default as far as I remember, happy to try resetting to defaults but won't be back at my PC for a few hours.
  3. When I expand the menu I get a large number next to the quarantine menu entry but nothing is in quarantine?
  4. Thanks, works great, thanks for all the feedback in this thread and for getting it sorted.
  5. I know it is not a big issue power/voltage wise, though we all have a duty to be as green as possible. From experience no other vendor has to 'blip' the clocks to test for full screen apps. As an analogy it probably does not harm my car (or cost much extra fuel) to rev it every 60 secs while idling but I'd rather not do it. Anyway hoping that the devs find another way to accomplish this.
  6. Thanks as well GT500 for updating us on this, I really want to reinstall EAM. Even the 60 second gap in spikes is still not a fix and would hope that they find a way to check game mode without having to set a GPU to full speed while the system is still idling at the desktop. I not certain why the game mode code needed to be changed anyway, I never had any problem when playing games with EAM installed.
  7. Good news. Hopefully we will get an official statement on whether there are any more fixes on the way or not. I'll wait a bit longer before I reinstall EAM though.
  8. Mine is a stock Nvidia GTX770 with latest drivers 368.22.
  9. Thanks for confirming this. Away from my PC for the next week so can't test anything new but hopefully only a short term issue with the beta. P.S. I only use one monitor.
  10. Hi, thanks for looking but I am talking about GPU clocks and not GPU usage. The beta started spiking the GPU & memory clocks to full speed from the low idle clocks while the stable release kept them at idle speeds. I've not had a chance to test latest beta as PC is out of action for a few days.
  11. Since updating to the latest beta I've noticed the idle clocks on my Nvidia GPU are spiking at regular intervals when idling (see attached files). Going back to the latest stable fixes the issue. Running latest 368.22 drivers on W10 x64.
  12. Same here with EAM and HMPA. Reported this to support a week ago when it happened with the beta but the stable has still got released.
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