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  1. When i update EmsisoftEmergencyKit a2cmd.exe /u i see other that bin64 also bin32 with extra 207MB. I work with x64 do it is need bin32? if not do it is possible to avoid download?
  2. Yes all files be scanned by the commendline scanner, but do it is able to find virus f.e. in apk files?
  3. No problem for file system, i mount it fine in windows. Android code is analyzed or only windows code?
  4. Do a2cmd is able to recognize virus in android device linked to pc via usb?
  5. What is the difference between Update Malware signatures beta or not? What better upgrade? I use only english and delete other language. But when i update it redownload other language. Do it is possible to avoid it?
  6. News? Were you able to reproduce the problem? Just add a warning when there are low resources.
  7. I launched Task Manager. I see in "Commit Change" Limit: "1.6GB" I launch a2cmd.exe /f=..\ it reaches 1.58GB of "Current" exit with Found:1. I launch Firefox. I launch a2cmd.exe /f=..\ it reaches 1.59GB of "Current" exit with Found:0. I not use paging file. Phisical Memory 750MB "Current", 1.75GB "Total"
  8. Even if i'm hesitant to privacy issues we can do it. Tell me how when. I'm italian, do not speak English and understand a little written. I not receive forum notification via email from folled topics. I hypothesize is a problem of virtual memory allocation.
  9. I know that Found 0 means the file is not infected. Also I've read the the commandline scanner helpfile 2 GB RAM should be fine, but if i open Firefox it become 1,7GB. However, I have tried with a ramdisk with a 250MB of data and have not had problems. But with Firefox open the problem is always reproducible. It is very strange! If i run a2cmd.exe /f="C:\" with Firefox.exe running i obtain "Found 0" If i run same comman a2cmd.exe /f="C:\" with Firefox.exe closed i obtain "Found 1" it is dangerous to have a false negative for this mistake reason.
  10. I have downloaded "EmsisoftEmergencyKit.exe" a2cmd.exe /u is ok. when i scan a file, in xp3, i obtain every "Found 0" also if i launch a2cmd.exe /f="c:\" /a /ac /pup /la="K:\log.txt" /n how to check if the a2cmd is working? I have restarted the pc and now work. But after i start Firefox it turn to "Found 0". I think it's a problem of RAM, I have only 2GB. But if it did not it would be dangerous not to detect malware is not enough memory?