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  1. Hello, Sorry if my question is somehow stupid, but I would like to know why at the end of many identified infections it is often written [krnl.xmd]. What does it mean? for example: Trojan.GenericKD.33299668 (B) [krnl.xmd] Thank you in advance!
  2. PeterNauta for me, I had to install it on both systems using 32 and 64. So my advice is, remove EIS, try to install the right one according to system, and install EIS. I had the same problem like you, but once I installed this hotfix, no more BSOD. And it only occurs to Windows 7, Windows 8 seems fine. That's the only problem I found so far, but as the support said on similar threads, it's a problem with a microsoft driver, and should be fixed soon. Other than that, EIS runs great, really happy with it. And it's so light! I was using Panda IS 2014 before, and omg... It literally was killing my fast computer.... I have 4 core intell 4700, and yet multiple tabs in Chrome were freezing, any internet activity was slow, and till the end I didn't realize it's from the antivirus. Luckily I listened to some people suggesting me EIS, and I do not regret! It literally feels like I upgraded my computer
  3. I want to make a suggestion. I recently bought 5 licenses for EIS. It was recommended to me, and also by looking at the virus detection results, it seemed a really good product. I also installed it on one infected PC, and it did help a lot in cleaning. However I did experience problems yesterday and today. And it is the problems that a lot of other users seem to experience. The BSOD. Looking at Windows Event viewer, I do identify that the problem is coming from the windows "Kernel" (just like the rest of people have indicated, specially from the dump files). Even though it is, as you say, a problem with the windows driver, it seems that this conflict occurs only with EIS. Also, bear in mind that the hotfix you suggest "has not undergone full testing". In other words, NO one has it automatically from windows update yet. Since I experience this problem on 3 computers, I recommend you make a warning for all the people using Windows 7. I do hope that this problem occurs only on windows 7, because I do not see a hotfix for windows 8. Otherwise I am really happy with your software, it's light, and it has great detection. But such a system instability can easily make people unhappy. Every person, who uses windows 7 and installs your software has a huge chance of experiencing this, and consequently get unhappy with your product. Even though it is a microsoft driver problem, please also take some responsibility in solving it, or giving a proper recommendation from the start, because EIS has conflicts with it. I do hope it gets fixed fast! Best Regards Zdravko Mihaylov
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