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  1. It Actualy say's Error win32 that is "Incomplete OS and ComboFix only works with windows 2000 and XP"
  2. it say's that Combo-Fix is only compatible with Windows 2000 and XP. What to do now?
  3. tonight i got this warning from my windows " Remove the Trojan.PWS.Legmir.AD / [email protected] virus from your computer This problem was caused by Trojan.PWS.Legmir.AD / [email protected], a known computer virus. To prevent this problem from occurring again, install and run an up-to-date antivirus program on your computer." I dont know what to do?
  4. It is detecting in C:/OTL/MovedFiles/10292009_195332/Windows/msa.exe and it says is infected.
  5. I have attatched a fresh a-squared log but I am still having problems with the internet being stable and AVG is still detecting that "msa.exe" is infected with a trojan.generic9
  6. Well, i dont get any pop open windows from explore but i do get this message when im on the internet, "error occure of the internet" and must close program. i have AVG but for some reason i can scan it maybe because the virus but anyways when i ran OTL my warning from AVG pop open and said Virus "OTL Moved" in a specific locations but i consider it an red alert.
  7. above what I said about the only report that was created when finishing rebooting is attatched so let me know if this not the report you looking. thank you for being patient.
  8. okay, I ran Fix as the way you told me and reboot it. when my compture finish rebooting the log was open, so now do i have run again OTL without checking Lop and Purity, is that correct?
  9. only one report was pop open and it was OTL but the Extras.txt did not open or seems that was created.
  10. I did what is said with OTL but when I finished running it, it only opens the OTL.txt report, I cant find the Extra.txt it saves on my desktop.
  11. Lynx, i removed all the tools that i had because i have saved them in one folder itself and the programs that were installed are removed as well, if you could tell which ones, that would be great so that i could look in my computer and removed them.
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