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  1. It's a conspiracy https://t.co/o1eyd69bEA

  2. @thelionbrand If they have you might be selling a few tops tomorrow :)

  3. @KerryFail Declan stay off the glue A home tie at hampden for a cup semi you can't make it up

  4. RT @SonsofStruth: Obviously not a @Record_Sport or @ScottishSun article https://t.co/VrniwM9W75

  5. RT @thelionbrand: The British Army Twitter account had to delete this tweet due to anti British,pro IRA comments and threats What is wrong…

  6. @thelionbrand Did he deliver it from himself to himself and save the price of a stamp?

  7. Check out StoreDealsNow for their awesome products, like the one I've just bought here https://t.co/WGck4IGoIo

  8. @thelionbrand Officially doing it ;)

  9. @AskPlayStation support in my region are not open on a Sunday which is shocking good job my credit card isn't linked to my account (Sarcasm)

  10. Having the same issues on updating (None for 4 days) last version I had was .6513 and that prompted a reboot and hasn't updated since automatically (Hourly) Or manually either Is there any point in me doing the whole uninstall reinstall caper if its not going to solve the issues? Win 10 64 bit is the OS I am running Thanks
  11. Its set to Private with the tick in the use windows settings As far as I can remember its always been like that
  12. On the machine its set to private but on the firewall settings on the security centre it was set to public Once i changed it back it was working perfectly but it wasn't a change i had made to either the settings on the machine or on the firewall settings Thanks
  13. Fixed it the network was configured as public but this wasnt something i changed Could it have been done via an update?
  14. Thanks for the reply My network settings and machine / Internet security settings have not changed I have only been unable to access the NAS in the past week or so. The only way to access it is to disable it all for a few mins and then switch it back on again Thanks
  15. Loosing the will to live "Trying" to contact @VodafoneUKhelp to deal with a complaint 35 mins and counting apparently your busy.......

  16. Hi Guys Similar problems to what I have had before where I cant access my NAS server via its static ip address. The only way I can access it is to disable all components and then access the NAS copy what I want to onto or off it and then switch on the components again Although straight forward enough its a pain to do and leaves me vulnerable when I have everything off. Has there been anything done to the latest version? Mines is fully up to date and running windows 10 as well too if that helps Thanks Derek
  17. At the moment i am not seeing any issues but i am certain that is because the firewall side of things isnt active yet as i have upgraded to windows 10 once it come back online i will then recheck and see if the issues are back or if they are resolved
  18. Aww ok just getting further into the program than what I was previously wouldn't load up the GUI but now does
  19. Sent via PM Also has there been any movement on the win 10 support? Just reinstalled and it looks like its all ok ?
  20. Ok still not happy with the program and add in the new not fully supported on windows 10 issues I'm starting to loose quite a bit of faith in this program and will be looking to switch to another once my subs are up I think What irks me quite a bit is the fact I am paying for this service and its not the first time there has been issues and complications it just seems that the new all in one program bounces from one problem to another Weirdly I never had any of these issues when the programs were separate What sort of options do I have to get some form of extension to me subscriptio
  21. Still the same although not as bad but still noticeable when playing music nest way to describe it is that it sounds as if a track is playing at 3/4 normal speed Jesper - tried that no difference still the same only way to sort it is to disable the firewall
  22. Still the same just seems to put the machine on a go slow like sounds are coming out of the machine like they are getting player at 1/8th normal speed when i am receiving notifications for email facebook etc
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