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  1. not really, i only force memory dump only when ram reachs a critical 95% (less than 100 mb free) if i dont do this, then my pc gets unresponsive for a long time... my complain is just because with windows 8.1 this wasnt an issue i can use all my apps at the same time and even in this way ram usage was at a 80% not 95%, with windows 10 ram is always at 60 or 70% is there any sense to use an OS that leaves nothing to open? by the way did you read the first link i posted here? http://malwaretips.com/threads/windows-10-taking-too-much-ram.49097/#post-417584
  2. for me yes... because i use some apps at the same time, lets say netbeans and mozila and both eat ram, so imagine: system process:500mb/netbeans:300/mozila:300 so then my poor pc that has only 2gb of ram will be almost colapsed... almost always i face the problem that i reach 95% of ram usage, them i have to force memory dump to the DD to solve the issue and i dont like that...
  3. thanks Fabian, i also suspected this was the cause, well is a silly question, but, is there anything you can do to "fix" that?. This can be a problem with people that have less than 2gb of ram...
  4. have you tried to reinstall the app? that will solve the problem most of the time
  5. yes, as normal first the upgrade (to get the promotional offer) and then a clean install and for both (clean install and upgrade) the problem was present...
  6. yes indeed you are right but i cant link the problem directly to emsisoft itself, the only thing i know is that system process goes crazy (up to 500 mb of ram) when EAM is present but when it is gone this usage drops to a "normal" state, as for private memory usage, well i can give you a screenshot but it would be better if you look yourself inside my pc...
  7. firefox is expected to eat memory the point here is system process, with EAM installed system process eat about 500 mb and when EAM is gone this usage decrease to almost 50 mb or less and no, my pc runs 2 gb of ram and it is x86 based system. So EAM has something to do here... i dont think that is mere casuality that without emsisoft ram usage is normal the reason why you see firefox in some screencaptures was because i thought firefox was the problem but believe me it has nothing to do with it update: actually with firefox open system process eats 140 mb which is not normal, however with emsisoft this usage gets worse and goes to almost 500 mb, i think that it has something to do with how EAM (and firefox) deal with ram. firefox open + emsisoft=500mb only firefox open (emsisoft not installed)=120 on boot (no apps open) just emsisoft= 300 mb here is a capture with firefox open as you see system process is about 90 mb so firefox i think has nothing to do with this high ram usage... pdt: did you check the link i posted below?
  8. hi there, recently i upgraded my pc to windows 10, but i noticed that system process is taking a lot of ram while EAM is installed, am saying this because after i uninstall EAM the ram consumption when normal, but while EAM was installed ram was at almost 80%, i reinstalled the app twice just to make sure EAM was the problem and indeed the ram usage was normal when EAM was uninstalled, please i need help since i am with no AV at the moment. Also i have noticed that this problem is happening with others users.... Below are some captures of ram usage while EAM is installed and whe it is absent pdt: this problem was present since first upgrade from windows 8.1, so the same settings that worked correctly on 8.1 caused problems on win 10, actually i did a clean install to avoid any conflict and the problem was still present.... memory optimization was always enabled, but no matter if this was on or off the problem still persist
  9. I know that but i was just saying that your product is well designed that runs completely well in a beta OS, so far i havent see any relevant problem, just that the internet protection is not able to filter properly websites... but that is not a big deal, for scan stuff is running completely ok
  10. jajajajajaja i call my pc " my love " and just that xD . well guys EAM 10 is working just fine in latest build 10056 of windows 10 TP ​
  11. as long emsi doesnt prompt that the update just crashed everything shall be fine, it seem that MSE is another AV that flags temp files as malware, you are not alone as eset is doing the same thing with emsi temp files. I wonder how MSE will detect a FP, generally MSE doesnt give any false positive due to their low detection rate :X
  12. the problem should be fixed now... that was an issue they had yesterday :/
  13. in my machie it took 1:35 awesome, the only thing i would like to be back is the panel update where you can see which files are being downloaded, for example thanks to it i manage to see that version 8.1 was downloading so i stopped immediatly. It is true that we can use logs but still i liked that feature you had in previous ver.
  14. Same happened to me yesterday, i had beta enabled so after it downloaded ver 10 i run update again and it was downloading version 8, hopefully i figured out and run update again, it started to download ver 10. My only concern is the fact that update servers were down i couldnt update for several hours i set up a VM to see if my pc was the problem and the same issue happened also i tried to update EEK but it wont update. However updates are working fine now . I wrote this to let you know the issue. Emmm why your servers have old version in their database?
  15. as said before it seems that they are having issues with their update servers, so is not recommended to uninstall the product as you will have very old signatures... at least on my end (and until now 2:35am utc-6) i had problems with updates with a timeout error in freeware mode the product becomes red and all you can do is make scans... may be the servers have issues so your license is nor properly identified
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