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  1. Hi GT500, Thankyou for your response and the information. I think I will wait before the update is finished because it sounds like there are some issues with it still. Will the fix eventually be released as an automatic update to EIS 11 or will it be a separate download for those experiencing the problem? Glad to hear you guys are fixing it. Have a nice weekend.
  2. Hi, I think it's better if I start my own ticket because I am not sure if my problem is the same as the other guy who reported problems with Chrome browser after the update. My problem is that directly after the required EIS restart for the update to version 11, my Chrome browser has become fully unusable. I can load the Chrome interface, so the firewall is not fully blocking it, but once the interface is loaded all I get is a crash message and I cannot use chrome in any way shape or form. Not surf, not look into settings or look up my version number. Other than the EIS stable 11 update nothing changed on my PC that could be interfering with chrome's functionality. I find it quite annoying as I am very accustomed to this browser so I would really like to fix it, the problem is I have no idea how. I have tried a few things like temporarily disabling EIS or disabling it fully but neither of those attempts resulted in Chrome functioning again. So if you have any ideas or suggestions for me to try I would gladly try them. Seconds before version 11 I was using the browser just fine. I have checked that Chrome and all of it's related programmes are fully allowed through the firewall/behaviour blocker so they are not blocking anything. It seems something in version 11 is just crashing chrome or renderring it unusable. What could it be and what would be a good thing to try now? I am on Win7 64-bit. Thankyou for your help.
  3. Hi, I am having the exact same problem as the guy who started the topic. Directly after the EIS 11 update chrome browser does not function anymore. I can start it up but I then get the message "something went wrong while displaying this webpage. Closing the apps and tabs that you don't need may help in making more memory available". What it comes down to that nothing can be done with chrome anymore, not go to a webpage, access the settings or manage the extensions everything seems blocked. I am using Windows 7 64 bit so it's also an issue on my operating system. Tried to disable EIS to see if it would allow chrome then but I get the same error message within Chrome. It must be directly related to EIS because seconds before the update everything was functioning just fine. Do you have any idea as to what might be the solution for this problem? Something within EIS has to interfere with Chrome and it would be greatly appreciated if you could find a solution for this.
  4. Thankyou for your answer. There was no message that I needed to manually reboot for an update though. It just stopped working, maybe it was from an automatic update? Anyway it's working fine now so I guess it was a one time thing. Thanks for the clarification and best wishes for the new year.
  5. Hi, I have a question I have a licensed version of EIS and today I encountered something rather odd. When I was away from my pc the EIS firewall disabled itself and it was not possible for me to turn it back on anymore when I returned to my pc. This has never happened before and I find it hard to believe it's some random bug. Around the time this happened it created two log files I cannot relate to anything I have done: 31-12-2014 15:17:34 App rule deleted C:\Windows\TEMP\SKY848E.tmp 31-12-2014 15:17:34 App rule deleted C:\Users\Computer\AppData\Local\Temp\is-0L105.tmp\ Other log files are not within the time frame so that's all I have to go by. I tried to search what these files are but I cannot find them. Perhaps they have nothing to do it with it but it's the only thing in the log I can relate to it. I did full scans of the system with EIS scanner and with the emergency kit but it returned nothing. Could someone clarify this for me? Is it a known issue or is it something to be suspicious of? Thanks in advance.