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  1. Sorry, I thought it had to be the one I ran after I ran the other software today. The error message was along the lines of a squared free has encountered an error and needs to shut down. There was then a drop-down box for me to send the error to EMSI which I clicked on, but I don't know if you received it. I could never get a squared free to run after that first time (I kept getting the same need to shut down message), so I deleted it and reinstalled it. I have attached the a squared report with the trojan listing. I was not able to quarantine or delete the trojan (per the original messag
  2. I originally got an alert that said that a squared free was unable to remove a trojan and I came here. When I tried to rerun a squared (along with the other software) as per your instructions, I got an error message and it would not run. I ended up deleting it and reinstalling a squared free, which then ran OK. I also got an error message on HiJackFree, but the log seemed to be OK. Attached are my three log/txt files per your instructions. Thanks for your help.
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