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  1. thank you so much for the assitance provide already done it thank you once again
  2. follows the requested files FRST 1401.txt a2scan_150113-222825.txt
  3. first of all sorry the delay to reply didnt had access at the computer for some days either way follows the file requested with the date of today in the name thank you Fixlog 1201.txt
  4. follows the required files FRST has in the name the date of today so i would know wich one was to attach a2scan_150107-223208.txt FRST 0801.txt
  5. hi there follows the files requested Fixlog.txt JRT.txt AdwCleanerS0.txt
  6. Hi there was doing a scan with the emisoft anti malware wich gave me some and did quarantine , but 5 werent moved there so started using the emisoft emergency kit and follows attached the files requested Addition.txt FRST.txt a2scan_150106-153745.txt
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