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  1. Yes files that are zipped in an archive can't do any damage as they have no way to execute and infect the system unless they are extracted.
  2. Yes from what I know malware can hijack a program, this is mostly related to exploits and other forms of program leaks, in which they will try to use the application to perform its malicious behavior to avoid detection, and this method does prove to be efficient but the best way to avoid this problem is just to keep your system up-to date, as well as other programs like Java and Flash Player, and having a good AV and Firewall solution that can help block these threats as well but mostly we as the end-user have to apply common sense when browsing online, if theres one thing and AV can't fix, its the end-user, we are the ones who make that click online. In regards to your next question it really depends on the level of expertise you have in technologies like HIPS and Behavior Blocking, if your an amateur I would recommend keeping the default rules as these are set by experts and work pretty efficiently to detect zero-day malware. An from my experience with Emsisoft it has one of best Behavior Blockers i've seen as well their combination with their anti-malware network which helps draw decisions on a suspicious file. However, if you are an expert and know how to create rules for the Behavior Blocker its up to you if you want to make the changes, if you feel they are better than the current rules that they have set. Best Regards, JulioM7
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