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  1. Thanks Fabian , I will do that and down the road will give the trial a shot to see if my system is happier with it as I do like the product
  2. I used to use the 2 separate products but merged my keys to use the combined product. I didnt have the emisoft stuff installed at the time of merging and decided to wait before installing the EIS software as it was so new at the time. I was checking my subscriptions the other evening and noticed that my emisoft licence was about to expire so I renew it and figured I would at that point install it. Thats when my problems started. If it was not the fact that my fans started working overtime to control the heat I would probably endure it to see if a fix arrives but as heat kills systems its not a chance I want to take with my rig at the moment. I would be more than happy to try it again down the road as I have always been fairly happy with the product , but I cant say I would be happy watching my subscription days tick down while I wait to see if it becomes usable for me. I think the best course of action for me at this particular point would be to not use it , contact support and down the road try the trial out to see if its something I can use again.
  3. After less than 1 day of having the full licensed version of IES installed on my system I have had to remove it and go back to my previous security suite. Like you I read that it was supposed to be an un-noticeable process and used low resources but from the moment I installed my machine started working much harder even while idle than it has ever done before. Its a quad core i7 with 16gb of ram While playing some online games ( even tried game mode and a few other settings I hoped would work ) EIS was occupying far too much ram for my liking and taking up too much cpu %. I game a lot on this machine and I have never heard my system fans running so hard or felt so much heat build up before. I was a little worried and thought something might have been up with my computer at 1st so did some investigating and noticed IES hogging more than I assumed it would. Nothing I did fixed my issue apart from removing EIS and going back to my old security suite. Its been a day and a bit now since its removal and have not had any of the issues I had while it was on my computer. While gaming especially the heat and fan noise has gone way down thankfully. Not really a help for your post but as you seemed to be a little worried about it being a resource hog , I figured I would post. Im not happy at all with the software and really quite annoyed I have spent money out on a licence for something I will never install again