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  1. Hello hjlbx, I am thankful to you for the information and your help, looking forward to hear from the support staff. scorpion
  2. I am interested to know does the EIS firewall gives me the options to control the out going connections or let me block the out going connections. scorpion
  3. I would like the support staff to help me in this regard. scorpion
  4. Hello Peter, I think you are absolutely right & only 2 options are visible and the 2nd option seems to be the right one. Thankyou for your help. scorpion
  5. Hello Peter, The problem is i have a key for EIS and i need to activate it soon. Scorpion
  6. Hello hjlbx, In Returnil you can opt out of the AV-Virus Guard, which is a good thing to do. I never used Virus Guard and it is not at all good. Now the problem is, i need to decide whether to install EIS or not as i have a time limit to use the Key to EIS, which is a gift. You are absolutely right on the Dish Space problems in virtualization...... scorpion
  7. Hello Peter, What troubling me is not the windows firewall or the EIS firewall, i am using some tools in combination with windows firewall which have protected me for so long without causing me any trouble. Now, if i opt for EIS firewall, i have to forego all those tools and totally depend on EIS firewall. scorpion
  8. Hello Peter, It was really valuable information . lets see what the support staff has to say on this. Scorpion
  9. Thankyou for the information. Is it possible to disable the firewall and continue with the windows firewall. If the signature update occurs during the reboot out of Returnil, the system will freeze and it is not a minor thing. Can you please explain this a bit more. Thankyou in advance.
  10. I am using win7 64 bit and want to know if Emsisoft Internet Security has any issues with Returnil System Safe & Sandboxie. The other thing i am concerned is can i continue to use windows firewall after installing EIS. Does EIS has any issues other than VB. Please clear my doubts on these aspects, so that i am comfortable before installing EIS on my system. Thankyou in advance.
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