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  1. Any ETA? my ISP has gone to ipv6 and I'm having connection issues with OA enabled.
  2. Problem resolved. I kept looking through OA to see if anything had changed. I have always run in Advanced mode. Somehow while testing a new program I changed a setting in OA from Advanced to Standard without even being aware that I had done it. I was trying to figure out the new program's hotkeys. I just changed the setting back in OA, and all web pages load now. However it does seem odd that this should block roughly half the web sites that I clicked on.
  3. Roughly 50% of the web pages I click on fail to load with AO on. This started yesterday. It includes Amazon, and US Plastics Corporation, both while trying to place orders for my business. Browser does not matter. I've tried FF, IE and Chrome. At least half the websites that I try to access do not load.. when I look at the details for the error, I see this message: The remote device or resource won't accept the connection. I thought it was a problem with my LAN or router. However as soon as I disable OA, the problem is resolved. Three other computers in the household, two with OA and one without have no issues. It's only on the machine that I constantly use for work. I would appreciate some help on how to procee from here, please. I can't function like this. From what I've been reading elsewhere this may be an IPv6 issue.