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  1. Hello guys, I accidentally purchased EAM instead of EIS .I'm currently using Eset Smart Security 8 and would like to move to Emsisoft. But after purchasing EAM i came to know that it dosen't include Firewall. Is there any other option to convert EAM to EIS??...Please do reply Thank you.
  2. Hello guys, I recently got an EIS license key..When i tried to activate it shows an error " There are no valid llicenses associated with this key.Please enter another key" ...I was sure that the key was original...What to do?
  3. Hello sir, I've checked the minidump folder and its empty..I usually use ccleaner and wisecare 365 for clearing temp files and cache..Any other way ?? Thank you
  4. dont know...i have Windows 8.1 with latest updates installed...I have seen that EIS already have this BSOD problems as well as stability problems as reported by many users...EAM is more stable compared to this..Is there any way to degrade this Internet Security license to EAM license??? Thank you
  5. @tester I used windows program uninstaller...restarted the system and then installed EIS
  6. Hello guys, I've recently purchased EIS ...I was using Eset Smart Security earlier..After i installed Emsisoft IS it started giving BSOD errors and my laptop was restarted several times..I've reinstalled it and still no hope...After restarting several times ..I had to revert back to Eset Smart Security which is working fine....i am totally disappointed with EIS as i lost my money and time...Is there anything you guys could do to help me???..My OS is Windows 8.1 Thank you....
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