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  1. Thank you for your response. I do not think that dropping the rule dialog entirely is a good idea. Could you consider to provide a new rule dialog in a more granular manner, just like online armor? I should say that I do not like the behavior blocker of online armor, since it lacks of intelligence and generates too many alerts. But I think the cloud-based behavior blocker of EAM/EIS is much more intelligent. In such case, adding a fine-grained behavior blocker will not disturb the users too much.
  2. Emsisoft 10.0 has a new behavior blocker panel. it enables us to allow/block some activities of applications. But I find that this function is confusing. In my opinion, the activities that can be controlled by the behavior blocker are not explicitly defined. For example, I cannot understand what a "backdoor related activity" refers to. I think a "backdoor activity" should be blocked, but what about a "backdoor related activity"? What will happen if I block the "backdoor related activity" of a certain application? It will stop the application from accessing the Internet? Or forbid the application to access some sensible areas in the local computer? It seems that there is no such information provided to the users to help us determine whether an activity should be allowed or blocked.
  3. 1. In the recent special offer, the customers can get two "gift" licenses when purchasing one. My problem is that, if the customer renew the purchased license, would the "gift" licenses be renewed automatically for free? Or should the "gift" license be renewed independently? 2. Could I activate EAM with an EIS license? Best regards.
  4. Now I am using the 30-days trial version of OA. It will be switched to the "freeware" mode after 30 days. It is said that the features of the free version are limited. But I cannot find the feature lists of the free version and the full version. Would anyone tell me the difference between these two versions? Best regards.