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  1. Understood. And maybe Online Armor can consider this ok. I also received a response on the PopTrayU forum. "PopTrayU has an option to set global hot-keys that will cause PopTrayU to pop up on the screen or check for new mail, even when you are in another application. So PopTrayU registers specific user-definable hot-key combinations using the RegisterHotKey windows library function and listens for WM_HOTKEY windows messages if the registered key combination is pressed. As far as false positive of screen logger, it might be caused by windows style hooks to correct the background color of
  2. Online Armor is a fine program. I hope it keeps an independent firewall existence, as I like my firewall not in a suite (layering mentalitiy.) Maybe the biggest problem it has is that the free program is so good and it is hard to find extras to encourage upgrade. I last owned the paid version back when it was indepentista, before Emsi, and I liked the port tweaking that was not in the free version. Also there was some super special on Bits du Jour or somewhere. Maybe an upgrade marketing push would help. I know I would find various ways to put out $10-25 acceptable. Note how some compan
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