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  1. I also have and use OA and would like to convert my OA licence to EIS, thanks
  2. I have a program called Winstep Xtreme Nextstart installed, and I can't right/left click the OA icon in it, Winstep have told me that it is not a Nextstart problem but more likely an OA one. OA is the only icon in the Nextstart system tray that I can't click on, does anyone know of any compatibility issues between these two programs, and if there is, is there any way to fix it. I am running Windows 7 x64.
  3. I have just started getting this happening in the latest version of OA but whenever I download a .torrent file so that I can download the actual program I keep getting this message saying that the file has been either moved or deleted. If I turn off OA altogether then I can download the .torrent file and then open the file in uTorrent no problems. How can I get OA to NOT remove these .torrent files automatically as it is becoming a bit of a nuicance.
  4. In the end I found it easier to just add the whole game folder into the exceptions page and it then loaded with no problems.
  5. I have a new game installed called Rusty Hearts, and have set the file ClientLauncher.exe to both trusted and allowed, but when I have a look at the log files it shows that OA has blocked a file called WindyZone.exe which is a component of the file ClientLauncher.exe, how can I get OA to accept this particular file component and not keep blocking it.
  6. Thanks for that Catprincess, I had put the plugins manager folder with all the plugins in it, into the exclusions part of OA (Don't know if this is safe to do)which seemed to do the trick, but I will also mark Audials.exe as an installer just the same.
  7. Nope no joy Audials RadioTracker has updated and the problem has reared its ugly head again continually asking to allow the plug-ins all the time, I have included a screen shot this time. I hope that this problem can be fixed one way or another. As pointed out earlier these plug-ins are for recording online radio etc so they will change with each new session, but I still shouldn't have to be asked to allow them every time I load RadioTracker up.
  8. I uninstalled OA and went through the registry deleting all references to OA including any references to Emsisoft as well, then reinstalled OA after a reboot, at the moment it seems to have fixed whatever was wrong, but I will keep watching in case it re-appears. But so far so good. Thanks all for the input. Also but not even ihow do you disable the "ballon popups" saying OA is checking against oasis DB, as they are a little bit annoying.
  9. Hi I have a program called RadioTracker 8 by Audials installed, and when you start the program up it loads up a whole lot of plugin dlls which it needs, when Online Armor checks these files the box comes up on the right hand side of the monitor where you can click on remember my decision and to trust the application which I have done. The thing is EVERY time that I load RadioTracker up Online Armor makes me go through the whole rigmarole of remembering the decision and trusting the same dll files all over again. Is there any way to stop this annoying problem of having to do the same old thing
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