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  1. Fabian . I did that and i got infected . i did put EIS in paranoide mode and options and i got infected . <_< <_< <_< <_< <_<
  2. I m not blaming any one Gri . there is very diffrence between showing point of view and complaining . the complainer says driectly : " your products is suck and i want ma money back " . I didnt say that . I agree with you when you talked about EIS detection . everyone one wants their AV to detect malicious files before the PC get infected no metter how the level the risk is , low or high . and in this case . EIS telling me that after full scan . not at the moment when the file try ta infect PC . I want you to understand and Fabian and KEV . that i m not telling that EIS should be like CCLEANER . no . I m telling you that . those ma observations and i hope EIS get more developement . thats all
  3. I never used webroot products in ma life . my friend also uses it and look what happened : he got infected from the browser . and that make me ask where is the web protection . this layer only stops the domain is not enaf to protect the system from the browser infections . My final conclusion is: the idea of putting firewall + AV in one product is great . the firewall of EIS looks like windows firewall , only monitor out/in connections . not like OA which has more options , more control of packets, blocking computers options, monitering network options ; IP attack prevention , registry protection, HIPS, ports control options ...etc . and this options i cannot find in EIS firewall the web surfing still needs much development . you can easily get infected through browser injections and EIS will do nothing. only you can find out after the full scan of the system the 2 good things i found is the BB and the cloud protection . and of course the BD engine what i m trying to say is its very earlier to take EIS as a premium protection because it needs much developpment and i hope that will happened very soon
  4. the issues remains the same after re-install EIS (version updates disabled) . and also it takes much PC resources particulary when the scan is running :
  5. i dont have them . it was a big sample at that moment. the test was about a month ago Fabian you see Fabian . the question was not about how bad the infection is . but why we can only find out after doing the Full scan . why didnt stop the infection throuth the BB
  6. twice ? would you explain why plz?
  7. Good evening everyone I use EIS (Emsisoft Internet Security 2015 ) . and after full scan to the system ( once with MBAM and other with EIS) i found this infections showed in the pictures below that made me ask the most question : Can EIS( EAM too) protect the registery ? where is the proactive protection for the registry keys? can it at least warn me about any change or modification in registry keys? I pass the mic to you guys !
  8. that didnt work Fabian . if i delete it and re install it . that would help fix the issues ? would you tell me a good uninstaller tool for EIS ?
  9. the backend guys did great job. the status of EIS now in AVP section. thank them on my behalf Fabian
  10. Its still the same issues SIK . after enabling the beta update . any ideas . ???