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  1. I also have noticed that on some websites ads were able to be seen, while some were even able to open ads into a new tab as seen in the screenshot below.
  2. Arthur, i have sent those logs in pm.
  3. In my case the PC experiences lag while doing homework such as reading e-book/ journals , during idle etc... Should i shut down the firewall and see if the issues are continuing? *note the lags occur randomly
  4. Sorry but i don't know
  5. Today i had a massive lag spike which almost resulted in freezing my computer.
  6. i was wondering what type of anti-exploit programs would be recommended?
  7. So far theres been no slow downs. Thanks for your assistance Kevin.
  8. Here is the Fixlog.txt Fixlog.txt
  9. Hi, Currently i am having some problems relating to computer slow down and some system errors. I don't believe i am infected as i ran scans with both EIS and MBAM which indicated the system to be clean. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Hi, i would like to please know which tools are recommended for identifying accurate CPU temperatures, determining if the fan is working properly etc..
  11. If a PDF file is downloaded from unknown sources, it won't effect the system as much compared to suspicious .exe files?
  12. Mateusz Jurczyk revealed 15 vulnerabilities discovered within font management systems...reveals a set of nasty remote code-execution and privilege escalation flaws which can be exploited through adobe reader or Windows Kernel. The worst two security flaws, CVE-2015-3052 and CVE-2015-0093. The video demonstrates the exploitation of adobe reader 11.0.10 using Blend vulnerability CVE-2015-3052 accompanied by sandboxes escapes via the windows kernel. The articles and videos are shown in the links below.
  13. Could there be a possible Sandbox web browser in future Emsisoft products?
  14. Hi, this might be a redundant question to ask but is there an educational discount for Emsisoft mobile security?