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  1. I also have noticed that on some websites ads were able to be seen, while some were even able to open ads into a new tab as seen in the screenshot below.
  2. Arthur, i have sent those logs in pm.
  3. In my case the PC experiences lag while doing homework such as reading e-book/ journals , during idle etc... Should i shut down the firewall and see if the issues are continuing? *note the lags occur randomly
  4. Sorry but i don't know
  5. Today i had a massive lag spike which almost resulted in freezing my computer.
  6. i was wondering what type of anti-exploit programs would be recommended?
  7. So far theres been no slow downs. Thanks for your assistance Kevin.
  8. Here is the Fixlog.txt Fixlog.txt
  9. Hi, Currently i am having some problems relating to computer slow down and some system errors. I don't believe i am infected as i ran scans with both EIS and MBAM which indicated the system to be clean. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Hi, i would like to please know which tools are recommended for identifying accurate CPU temperatures, determining if the fan is working properly etc..
  11. If a PDF file is downloaded from unknown sources, it won't effect the system as much compared to suspicious .exe files?
  12. Mateusz Jurczyk revealed 15 vulnerabilities discovered within font management systems...reveals a set of nasty remote code-execution and privilege escalation flaws which can be exploited through adobe reader or Windows Kernel. The worst two security flaws, CVE-2015-3052 and CVE-2015-0093. The video demonstrates the exploitation of adobe reader 11.0.10 using Blend vulnerability CVE-2015-3052 accompanied by sandboxes escapes via the windows kernel. The articles and videos are shown in the links below. http://j00ru.vexillium.org/?p=2520 http://www.zdnet.com/article/security-researcher-casually-drops-adobe-reader-windows-critical-vulnerability-bomb/
  13. Hi, this might be a redundant question to ask but is there an educational discount for Emsisoft mobile security?
  14. The computer screen goes blank with loud fan noises for few minutes then the computer turns off (note sometimes the computer does not turn off and needs to be manually shutdown). Then when turning on the computer there is a message saying windows have recovered from an unexpected shutdown.
  15. Hi For some reason sometimes when i use hibernation mode it would cause an unexpected windows shutdown/crash.
  16. Hi Acadia, have you installed Microsoft hotfix before installing EIS? If the hotfix is not installed windows will randomly crash.
  17. Yes i have and hopefully this issue is resolved. Thank you Arthur for your assistance.
  18. Thank you Kevin , if i have any troubles i will re-post.
  19. Hi, Due to the special i have just recently bought EAM and was wondering how long would it require me to activate the key before it expires? Note i am not referring to the free additional keys.
  20. Hi, i am having unexpected crashes. note that EIS had found no infections. Addition.txt FRST.txt Scan_150521-112403.txt
  21. Thank you Christian and Arthur for trying to solve the problem i am having. While i was downloading the driver malwarebytes had some error code in which crashed my laptop and had to be removed from safe mode.
  22. Yes ,previous exclusions made for both programs are currently in place.
  23. Just ran FRST with the results posted. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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