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  1. lol... I just discarded one just now before I read your request. I'll post a screenie next time I get one (ie. later on tonight or tomorrow). Each time chrome updates, it uses a different executable in a different folder. The bolded text shows the part that changes each time: C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Local\Google\Update\Install\{541CB955-AF2C-4B3D-B68D-0E8B78A1C81B}\chrome_installer.exe And the older folder with the older installer gets deleted. I suppose I could make an exception for the Google install folder, but that isn't an ideal solution. Also, it seems like I'm the only one experiencing this, which might be betraying a deeper, underlying problem with my OA install?
  2. What do you do to stop Google chrome updates noisily creating several pop-ups a day? The problem appears to be that every daily installer seems to update the installer itself, so the next day it is untrusted. BTW, this didn't happen on version 3.6.x I also get a lot of Windows/Microsoft pop-ups for stuff that is part of the standard operating system. The new version is generally much noisier with pop-ups than the older version I had. That means the main reason for using OA has diminished somewhat. Thanks.
  3. Thanks... that was it. Unusual for a program's option to over-ride the OS setting. I guess it could be a security consideration though. Cheers!
  4. Came back to say... OA doesn't seem as quiet and automatic as it used to be. I'm getting manual pop-ups for an awful lot of operating system and Microsoft stuff that should really have been automatically dealt with. It's still not quite as bad as some of the other firewalls, but definitely not as large a difference as there used to be. Also, I can't turn off the firewall status icon using the tray notification settings. Maybe it will go away after a reboot. Annoying if not. Apart from that, everything seems fine. Thank you for continuing to provide a free version of OA.
  5. ok, the update went fine, and I am not seeing the activeX message any more. Thanks.
  6. > Actually the WebShield has been removed quite a while ago Weird... I upgraded to, and apart from the GUI, everything is the same. Webshield is still there, and the activeX block is still there. I'll do a complete uninstall and reinstall to see if that makes a difference. FYI, the video that I'm trying to watch is here: http://www.creatoon.com/tips.php I'm clicking on the 'Creating a basic animation' link. I can play it now that OA is uninstalled. It's not actually activeX - just a swf embedded using the object tag. Cheers.
  7. Thanks for the reply. > I just checked the Online Armor download page and the Free download is still listed there. Ah... I was looking on this site:http://www.emsisoft.com/en/ which links to here: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/oa/ and which seemingly only has the paid version available. Thanks for the link to the other website. I have no idea why my current version hasn't been updating, since I manually click the 'check for updates' link regularly. I'll install v5.1 manually though, and see how it goes from there. > it would be quite helpful if you could provide a link to the website that hosts the video you try to watch. If you don't > want to share it publicly you can send it via private message as well lol.. it's ok, it was an animation software training video - nothing terribly private or embarrassing. If I can't get it to run after updating I'll post the page. Thanks.
  8. 1) I'm still using the free version ( last updated 15th Jan 2011. I see on the OA site that the download for the free version has disappeared. Does that mean only the paid version exists now, if I want to stay up to date? 2) OA has been nicely chugging away in the background for the last few months. Quite often a piece of website will have a message about activeX being blocked OA. This hasn't been a problem the majority of the time, because usually it's flash adverts. On the occasion that it's an embedded video that I want to watch, I can click the link in the message to unblock it. However, tonight there was a video I urgently needed to watch. It was a .swf which was embedded into a pop-up window. It wouldn't load, even after I turned of the firewall and web shield. So I looked for a setting to disable the blocking of activeX and couldn't find it - it seems like this feature is permanently enabled. Am I correct? Thanks.
  9. Weird. I was revisiting this issue tonight, and OA now stubbornly refuses to add any sites to the list at all.
  10. I'm using the Free version. I like the web shield, but I don't like the way all visited websites are listed in main menu -> websites as 'unknown'. I don't see why OA can't simply block sites with dangerous scripts and objects without creating an entry for every site visited? I know there is a 'clear unknown sites on reboot' option, but like many users these days, I sleep the computer for a week at a time without rebooting. Is there a solution, or do I have to turn web shield off? Does this feature work any differently in the paid version? Thanks.
  11. Well, it appears that OA is admonished in this instance; purely Microsoft's fault. However, I did use the opportunity to look at some of the other leading firewalls, and eventually decided that OA is still the one most suited to me. Despite its small flaws and annoyances, it's not quite as annoying as the others! Just to add, once the update was properly installed, reinstalling OA causes no problems. There was only a conflict whilst the update was actually installing.
  12. Could this be related to the 11/1/2011 Windows Update? http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/3328-crash-involving-oa/
  13. I had to uninstall Malwarebytes too; it locked up and crashed Windows in a similar way during scanning. This update also appears to affect some Norton installations: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en/vistawu/thread/44354a12-370b-4d48-ac46-39b462f2f212
  14. Confirmed that there is a conflict with that particular Windows 7 (32-bit) update. In my case, something (OA?) prevented 'Security Update for Windows 7 KB2419640' from installing. It had to be aborted halfway through because the update dialogue hung. The computer rebooted automatically to install the other 2 updates that were downloaded, and Windows 7 would not boot again, at all. It was very nasty - repair mode and safe mode wouldn't work either, and I think also saw the disk thrashing 100% CPU symptom mentioned above. I just spent 3 hours trying to get access to a desktop which was functional long enough to uninstall OA. As soon as I managed to uninstall OA, Windows booted normally and I was able complete the Windows updates. I am now wondering whether it is time to check out other firewalls - I've gone off OA in the last few months, and this could be the final straw. I want to love OA, but it keeps letting me down.
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