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  1. Logs BB_150320-120156.txt FG_150320-120051.txt
  2. "Sounds like" and "in many cases considered potentially unwanted" aren't specific answers. Waiting for a specific answer from Emsisoft - Is or Is Not MyPCBackUp a danger to me or my computer, and how so?
  3. Emsisoft really doesn't like this service, flat out won't let me install it! What's up with that?
  4. Thank you, hjlbx and Fabian! That did the trick!
  5. Yes, show hidden files and folders is enabled. Still doesn't show in a search, nor does cefsubprocess.dll, which did show up on a Bing search, with not much info. Anyway, beside the point, which is to get emsisoft to ignore it. Where'd this "RULE" come from, anyway? I don't see anything in Application Rules about it. Forget I asked. How do I get emsisoft to stop with the messages about it?
  6. I have a plugin that I use in my DAW(s) called BIAS_x64.dll. Every time I open the plugin interface I get multiple alerts that cefsubprocess.exe has changed, do I want to remove/update the rule? No matter what I choose to do, I get these alerts when I open the plugin. A search of my hard drive for cefsubprocess.exe returns nothing, likewise no results on google. What is this, and how do I stop these annoying alerts?
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