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  1. I don't find this setting in File Guard. Is it got removed a long time ago? I am on the trial 30 days. I installed Emsisoft Anti Malware though EmsisoftAntiMalwareWebSetup. exe
  2. In the article, BleepingComputer mentioned " Thankfully, removing the malware distributed by the Crunchyroll hack is fairly easy. The only issue is that this malware is not currently detected by many security vendors, so we will need to perform manual removal steps. " So yes, this is consider to be a zero day malware, and signature based antivirus like Avira or Windows Defender or Malwarebytes Anti Malware will let it go through easily unless Smartscreen can react fast enough to alert the user. If Crunchyroll did have a windows application, then they should mentioned it on their site and user have to manually download it. But in this case, it automatically download without user consent than this have to be a malicious behavior. I do also agreed with you that by now we should analyze it, but what about first time discovered on the internet? I also forgot to mentioned, that Crunchyroll confirmed the app itself is not infected.
  3. Well, this malware need permission to download and execute, so I say common sense will stop in the first place.
  4. I can end it in task manager. Emsisoft does run in the background in safe mode with networking but not in safe mode with no networking. I have this setup for over a year now, and the issue begin to occur after I upgraded to the Fall Creator.
  5. Main PC: Running both Stable and Beta update. I did tried Safe Mode with Networking, and it does show Emsisoft still running in the background when I close the app after a quick or malware scan.
  6. a2emergencykit.exe Bitdefender Free dont have manual exclusion.
  7. Beta make it more worst than the Stable. Beta now add another Emsisoft process running in the background.
  8. But i have this setup over a year, and this problem begin to occur after I upgraded to Fall Creator update. My main av is Bitdefender Free btw. I don't know anymore.
  9. Not making any sense at all for real time antivirus refuse to let app close completely. Before the Fall Creatore update, it was running fine. After the Fall Creator update, this problem occur so I definitely doubt there's some incompatibility with it. Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a on demand scanner tool, so it doesn't interfere with real time protect antivirus at all. As matter of fact, both of my PC showing the same issue as well, so it the software end.
  10. Here is my laptop showing the same issue as my main gaming rig. Emsisoft process still running in the background after closing the app. What I did is just update the signature and perform either a quick or malware scan. Laptop upgraded to the Fall Creator last 2 days ago. No new security change at all.
  11. Thanks, turning ASLR off I can run Emsisoft now. However, that does not fix why Emsisoft still running in the background when I close the app after running a scan. My laptop with the Fall Creator update also show the same problem as well. Before the Fall Creator update, it was running fine.
  12. The installer allow you choose your destination folder. Now I can't run Emsisoft Emergency Kit at all on my PC and the commandline scanner crash immediately when it open. Emsiclean say no traces of Emsisoft at all on my machine. Run from bin64 folder is still a no no to me. The program is still running after check for update and ran a malware scan. No malware at all confirmed by HitmanPro and Malwarebytes Anti Malware I don't know anymore. Emsisoft Emergency Kit was running fine before the Fall Update, so I believe there must be some incompatibility with it.
  13. Also Emsisoft Emergency Kit refuse to run on my PC. Tried delete it and reinstall, still no good.
  14. Windows 10 home x64 Version 1709 OS build 16299.19 No tweak on any new security settings at all. But I managed to discover the new Exploit settings everything is on by default on the Fall Update. As I say, no tweak on any new settings only discover them.
  15. I close Emsisoft Emergency Kit after ran a malware scan. However, Emsisoft still running in the background in my task manager, and its using 155MB of my RAM. I don't remember it doing this.
  16. Wow, that looks really bad for Avast, and that is why I don't use their software at all. Also, when does CCleaner put bundle onto their installer?
  17. So those registry we should remove? Ain't nobody got time for that. They should release a removal tool for those that are affected and infected because this is their fault not our consumer fault. Since Avast already bought Piriform, I think this is will kill Piriform for sure because more than majority people don't like Avast at all include me. Meanwhile, I already installed the V5.35 with the new certificate Piriform upgraded, so I hope this will increase security a little bit but too afraid to run it. I probably will look for other safe alternative junk cleaner like Wise Care until my trust for CCleaner return which is going to be a while. Now to the main question after CCleaner got compromised incident. Should we trust official publisher site at all? Antivirus haven't treat CCleaner as a threat till Piriform and Avast announce CCleaner V5.33 free and premium got compromised and hackers hid malware into it.
  18. U.S.A don't like Russia for a long time man, because Russian involves pretty much everything from war to security to peace conflict. I think we all born in the wrong generation man.
  19. I know man, but I'm worry about my IP and other information that these hackers harvested going to do with it. I have a very good common sense security man, and I manage to get infected . CCleaner supposed to clean our computer junks and optimized it, not adding malware and backdoor onto our system. I believe CCleaner V5.4 will be the last version that I will install and run till my trust for CCleaner restore. I was like shock, scared, and angry when I read a new about CCleaner got compromised and hacker hid malware into it. Yet, they still haven't provide these infected users with a removal tool to remove the malware. Not all of us are tech savy that can manual deleting malware via CMD, Registery Editor, etc.....
  20. I did a full scan with Emsisoft, Malwarebytes, and Bitdefender Free AV after updating to 5.4 from 5.33 infected version, and so far doesn't detect anything. In addition, I do have a backup of v5.2 on Aug 7, so I use that to restore my backup to that stage, and did a scan again with more than 7 different on demand scanners, and so far doesn't detect anything serious beside Dr.Web detected Iobit Uninstaller as PUP on my system which I installed Iobit Uninstaller on my own, so i can roll that out.
  21. Just follow the instruction here: https://support.emsisoft.com/announcement/2-start-here-if-you-dont-we-are-just-going-to-send-you-back-to-this-thread/ Yes.
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