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  1. The application detected behave like Crypto malware. Can you upload these files to VirusTotal and give us the link for it? Behavior Blocker from Emsisoft can sometimes generate false positives, so it best idea to upload to VirusTotal first before clicking allow it to run on your PC. If it indeed an actual Crypto locker, you have to immediately disconnect any network and removal drive off the computer, then run emsisoft custom full scan not malware scan. After that restore the encrypted files using a backup, and if you don't have one well........you have to start from a scratch.
  2. Your PC is protected because Emsisoft blocked the threat before it able to execute. You can upload them to VirusTotal to see if it a threat or not. Anything below 2 detection consider to be a false positive, and 5 detection above consider to be a threat.
  3. I already did backup before August 15 which Avast suggested. As of right now, I updated to the latest V5.5 with the new certificate, and hope this one will not get compromised again. Bad thing is antivirus did not detect CCleaner V5.3 as a threat before this incident spread to the public. Now, when you upload V5.3 installer to VirusTotal, more than 40 engines detected as a threat.
  4. If it affect 32 bit system, than there is a possibility that it will affect 64 bit system as well. I still wouldn't trust Avast say update your CCleaner to latest V5.4 or V5.5 now to remove the malware. How can one software update remove the actual malware itself? It will remove the hijack program, but the malware is still remain on the system. In addition, this is discover a month after V5.3 release and the security got compromised by professional hackers not one of those script kiddo. We still don't know how many system IP and information those professional hackers stored and what they are going to do it. Probably use it for illegal stuff, sell it on the underground, or more crazy stuff. Not very surprise at all, that this is the second time Avast got involved with this incident. The first one is their forum got hacked, and now this.
  5. So now Avast had already acquired CCleaner, I think this is a perfect time for everyone to ditch CCleaner because of Avast, and what the heck man? Now the hacker have my ip and other system informations that can use for illegal things. What the heck man, I think my previous ccleaner is 5.33.
  6. So to me self protection is to prevent malware modified antivirus application, but what if self protection disable will the behavior blocker able to stop it? By the way, just start using EIS trial.
  7. My EIS key expired 2 years ago, do I still get the discount off on EIS if I plan to renew it? If yes, how?
  8. That sounds really bad. I recommend you use Windows Defender or Avast Free AV until Emsisoft solve this issue.
  9. Hi Davisd, PM one of Emsisoft staff and they will convert your EIS license to EAM license. But why don't you want to use EIS? EIS is like Emsisoft Anti Malware + Emsisoft Online Armor which is really in term of overall protection.
  10. Really? Because last time some Emsisoft employee told me that EEK only works in normal mode, and that is like a year ago so I can't remember clearly what is my question was.
  11. I believe EEK will not work in safe mode with networking because last time I asked one of Emsisoft employee, and they said it only work in normal mode, but not safe mode. However, you can try and boot the PC into safe mode with networking to see if you can download other removal tools to get rid of ransomware locked up. After that, boot it back to normal mode and run EEK from there. Or You can try live rescue CD such as Avast, Kaspersky, BitDefender, or Dr.Web rescue disk.
  12. Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware from the icon on the desktop. Click Protection. Select File Guard in the menu at the top. On the right side, roughly in the middle, click on the Manage whitelist button.
  13. I never heard such an antivirus software remove Windows license key. Anyway, based on your describing it seem to me that he is using Windows 7 Activation Key generator rather than input license key code.
  14. Just to let you know that EIS will not compatible with MBAM because of the drivers conflict between these two. Since I see you are using Zemana and MBAM, I definitely will say drop MBAM and use Zemana because it lighter, and good file protection.
  15. You cannot run more than 2 antiviruses continually and simultaneously because your system performances will get hit 3x and BSOD will likely to occur. You can run antivirus with antimalware, but exclusions will needed to prevent false accusations from both security software. Emsisoft Anti Malware is anti malware and anti virus, therefore you don't need to run another security solution with Emsisoft, but you can experiment it as your own risk since we're not guarantee if it going to work on your system.
  16. Always use exclusions when you are running more than 1 security software no matter what.
  17. If you think your PC is infected and need a check up, head to the Help, My PC Is Infected! section.
  18. It is redundant and waste of spaces and resources because Emsisoft uses BitDefender signature + Emsisoft signature + Emsisoft Anti Malware network + Behavior Blocker to block malicious files. BitDefender use the same technology as Emsisoft, so it is redundant to have BitDefender along with Emsisoft.
  19. 1) Uninstall BitDefender because Emsisoft uses Bitdefender signature + Emsisoft, so having BitDefender is redundant.
  20. Also, Emsisoft Anti Malware can runs alongside with other antivirus as well, but we are not guarantee if this will work on your system. However, if you want to run it alongside with your antivirus you might want to set exclusions for both of them, or else issues will arrive. I never try this, so i'm not so sure if Emsisoft BB will conflict antivirus zero day protection components.
  21. Are you running Comodo Firewall only or a full fledge Comodo Internet Security suite?
  22. Hi @bluescreen, the reasons you receive that alert because the application have "behave like malware" and haven't analyze yet from Bitdefender and Emsisoft, but if you believe this is a false positive alert please allow it . But if you not sure, please upload that file to virustotal.com and see what others have to say. If it come out clean, then allow it always by clicking " Always allow" if the next alert of this application appear.
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