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  1. It is matter because when i use the product i want to see the actual product perform, not other assistant product over taking it. So this mean that i want see the Emsisoft detection more than Bitdefender because this basically telling me that Emsisoft doesn't need to reply on Bitdefender for detect sophisticate threats. But if Emsisoft reply on Bitdefender a lot then i ask myself why should i buy this when it just reply on Bitdefender signature? If it just only reply Bitdefender then i should get myself Bitdefender products. Also, i do understand that having two engines detect the same threat is redundant but at least i want to see more Emsisoft detection than Bitdefender detection. And i do know that reply on signatures along is not going to save you at all, because new malware can be see on the internet for just a minute.
  2. I used Emsisoft for a year now, and i noticed is that Emsisoft had more Bitdefender signature over Emsisoft signature.What i really want to see is balance signature between Bitdefender and Emsisoft, and i'm not saying this is bad that Bitdefender have more signature than Emsisoft, but i want to see the balance detection for both of them and not just Bitdefender signature over ran Emsisoft signature. Matter of fact, other people test Emsisoft products, i can tell that Bitdefender signature rather shows more detection than Emsisoft signature.
  3. Nice spot there, and i didn't expect my math to be this suck.
  4. http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/18813-eis-cause-windows-update-unable-to-connect-to-the-internet/?p=138691This thread created on October 1 and it about to end soon. So yes it is about to be 60 days soon.
  5. The beta and stable doesn't do its job at all, so i expect Emsisoft extend my license for 2 months if the stable V11 solve the Windows Update blocking issue, because this issue occur on September and October is about to end in 4 days. I would like rephrase that to " If you're not ready to deal with problems, don't use the software" Because the stable already give me headache, and i think i will totally pass on the beta.
  6. I disagree with this because the stable v10.0.0.5735 already caused this, and the beta cause more worse than good. http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/18813-eis-cause-windows-update-unable-to-connect-to-the-internet/
  7. Can you give extend my Emsisoft license for another 60 days due to this downtime? This issue occur on September.
  8. Does this version 100% solve Emsisoft Firewall block Windows Update?
  9. Well, i already switched mine to Qihoo 360 Total Security Essential, and never regret it. But i probably will go with BitDefender soon once they improve their Photon technology.
  10. This problem only occur on EIS, but not EAM. Also i do agree with you that Emsisoft needs to fix this issue immediately consider us pay users are facing a major problem of updating, and there's no excuses for Emsisoft for not to fix this within few days. Emsisoft lost my reputation this time and not going to recommended to my friends anymore since all of three are already uninstall Emsisoft because of this and switching to ESET which is reliable software they had been using in the past. By the way, this is a month problem and there's no ETA or announcement for it so this is telling me that Emsisoft doesn't do its job right. In addition, other vendors already addressed this issue within a week if they discovered this similar issue.
  11. That is too long. Anyway, i am switching Emsisoft to Qihoo 360 Total Security Essential, and boy this thing is super duper light on my system. I probably will go back to Emsisoft once all the bugs been address.
  12. The firewall on Emsisoft Internet Security is not poorly designed, but they just have some issues with it, which will be solve later on.
  13. Emsisoft Internet Security V10.0.0.5735 cause my Windows Update unable to access to the internet and signature updates for EIS fail to connect to the server. After turning EIS protection off, Windows Update able to access the internet. Also, my browser can able to access to the internet.
  14. It should download and install latest program update(non beta version) automatically when it checking for new signatures, and then prompt you a restart if it necessary.
  15. Does Emsisoft products compatible with EMET or HitmanPro.Alert?
  16. Emsisoft Internet Security and Emsisoft Mobile Security are two different product.
  17. Thanks a lot man for getting rid of that annoying restart loop notification. Now i can enjoy surfing and gaming, thanks a lot dude and good work!.
  18. Does not work, i delete everything on %temp% folder and run Ccleaner.
  19. I will just going to wait for Emsisoft response, if not i will going back to my previous antivirus.
  20. I'm getting irritate of this Emsisoft notification asking to restart to finish update. I already restarted like 7 times, and it still asks me to restart again like what the heck? This never happen to me since August 7th, but when Emsisoft publish August 11 update things are go wrong. I believe EIS is not ready for Windows 10 yet, what a surprise.
  21. Same, the latest beta update only address Windows XP and Windows Visa issue.
  22. Can you go to settings on Windows 10 and then go to Update & Security and click on Windows Defender to confirm that the realtime protection, cloud protection, and sample submission are turn off? I have to turn off Windows Defender manually because for some reason Windows 10 doesn't recognize Emsisoft during installation.
  23. There's a beta update already released 3 days ago for support Windows 10 firewall, but use it at your own risk because this is testing stage meaning things can go wrong anytime.
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