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  1. Man i thought this was only me, but thanks goodness is not. I can confirm that my browser which is Google Chrome took about 15 seconds delay before i can type anything without lag.
  2. On July 1st, i receive a important update from Emsisoft which is not really unusual for me, so i go ahead and install it. After its finish installed, it ask for reboot computer so i click yes, but after it reboot my computer i notice that my internet connection is delay from 1 second to 5 minutes. Matter of fact, the previous version does not do that, so i suspect must be a new update that causing my internet connection from 1 seconds to 5 minutes at the desktop. I also try to unplug the cable, but that did not solve my case.
  3. But does the new firewall in EIS provide equivalent protection as the Online Armor? Also, for me Emsisoft Internet Security and Malwarebytes Anti Exploit is good to go for everyday use and surfing,and you see i'm not that reckless person who just download,install,or visit a site that he/she have no idea,and really sorry for giving false information.
  4. Emsisoft already block that site. However, it seems like its able to load which is not really concern to me if it not able to drop a malware onto your machine. This also happens to other AVs as well such as Kaspersky, were Kaspersky detect the site after the malware file able to pop up and asking you whether to run it or save it. Also, you can use virustotal.com to check if Emsisoft and other vendors detect the site which will give you more information and accurate result.
  5. I would try Ccleaner and tick Tray Notification cache, remember when you tick this option it will set the tray notification back to default.
  6. I would not recommend running more than one protection software because overtime it will cause system to slow down. If you are looking something that can replace Online Armor, then i recommend Emsisoft Internet Security because it combine Emsisoft Anti Malware and its next gen Online Armor built in. So basically, you get both anti malware,anti virus, and hips protection in one package. Also, i would not suggest to use Comodo firewall because is block my my games from running which is ridiculous and after i switch to Emsisoft Internet Security, everything seems to be running normal. Matter of fact, if you just surfing everyday then i recommend Emsisoft Internet Security + Malwarebytes Anti Exploit, that would be a best setup and i'm currently using it right now. But the sad part is Emsisoft doesn't have exploit protection, hope they implement it in the future.
  7. So are you guys going to make it support Windows 10 after its lauch? Writing this on my T Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5
  8. Emsisoft Anti Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security should compatible with Windows 10, because there is no reason for Emsisoft not support Windows 10 and plus it a new OS so security should enhance a little bit. Matter of fact, a lot people will upgrade to Windows 10 include myself from Windows 8.1 64 bit. @Mark de Jager Windows 10 will available on July 27th.
  9. So you guys using their engine and signature correct? Also, is so stupid for them not to let you guys edit their signature for false positives, that way it would be faster than send it to them. If i were them i would go ahead and let you guys edit the signature, as long the detection increase that would be mattet.
  10. Wait wait wait wait, i did not create this thread what the fish?! Did someone hijack my Emsisoft support account?!
  11. Well, some of the malware/virus has capability to duplicate itself to other drives so later on it can resurrect from it.
  12. But malware scan only scan primary drive not other internal drive . For instance, my custom water cooling gaming PC i build have 4 internal drives which are C D E F, and C drive is where i install Windows and other drives are just storage, when i perform a malware scan it only scan C drive only but not D E F drives.
  13. I never know that since i start using EAM to EIS. but thanks for the information.
  14. Well, is up to you to decide which one you want to go. Emsisoft Anti Malware is just anti malware and anti virus protection without next gen develope firewall. While Emsisoft Internet Security have its next gen develope firewall like Online Armor and Emsisoft Anti Malware. So bascially is all in one protection. Either way both Emsisoft Anti Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security will protects you from online threats. The different between the two are the firewal, which Emsisoft Anti Malware doesn't have. But Windows firewall should do the job for everyday use.
  15. Agree, i have Adblock plus on my Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome as well. While other AV such as Bitdefender in this case doesn't detect much PUPs, because PUP are not consider as malware yet but its behavior identical to malware. PUP usually comes with bundle software such as Java in most case and free games.
  16. When is that going to happen? This thread is been open for the last 3 days and still haven't got any answer from Emsisoft employee yet. I understand that you guys are busy, but 3 days without any answer is seems to be little ridiculous aren't they? I'm not come here to argue who is doing wrong or right. There is a thread about a person who have issue about user interface, after he follow my instructions the issue is solve. Anyway, i just give him my advice, if i were him i would have an assistance to check on my computer for any virus/malware relate issue. If there is none, then i can tell is windows, but fixing windows can be complicate because if you screw up something, you are in pretty bad shape afterward. Matter of fact, if i am an expert or professional about computer, i would have help him over the last 3 days. but it seems impossible for me at the moment. SINCE I GOT NO BALL TO PUT EFFORT INTO IT. Also, i'm done here for my part, the rest is up to you guys Emsisoft.
  17. At this point, all i can tell you is your computer definitely have a major issue going on. A clean virus free computer should have no problem of installing ESET Smart Security nor Emsisoft Internet Security. You said ealier that you are unable to get Emsisoft module running, now you can't install ESET Smart Security. This situation to me seems there is a virus or malware that prevent AV from download and install. A lot of virus/malware love to do this type of stuff. Unfortunately to them, they can't stop us when there is 25 AV company around the world. I want you to head to "Help My PC Is Infected" section and post your system logs there. Here is the link for the requirement logs that Emsisoft need in order to assist you http://support.emsisoft.com/forum-6/announcement-2-start-here-if-you-dont-we-are-just-going-to-send-you-back-to-this-thread/. I know it sound weird, but your PC definitely is not in a clean condition at the moment. If we can roll out virus and malware relate then we can have more time to investigate why your PC refuse to install Internet Security suite.
  18. Can you reset the firewall settings? Also, can you turn off windows firewall when you install Eset Smart Security?
  19. Thanks for the head up! Unfortunately you have to wait for Emsisoft employee to assist you further since they develop this software, so definitely they will have all answers that you concerns. Most of time uninstall should fix all the issues, since i don't know why the module keeps getting stuck.This is never happen to me so i know how you feel. Anyway, just be patient for Emsisoft to assist you.
  20. Never uninstall any antivirus using Revo Uninstall, this is not a proper way to fully uninstall AV. First, uninstall it from the control panel and then use the AV uninstaller to wrap any traces left behind, but it usually going to be a lot of traces because Windows uninstaller always left tons of traces behind. Second, please install ESET uninstaller tool and Malwarebytes uninstall as well the Comodo from this follow link http://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN146&locale=en_US. After you doing that try to see if Emsisoft work again, if not try to install it without internet connection, after it finish install enable internet connection to see if it work. If it still not work, then it might be something that is corrupt so the best thing that i can tell is clean uninstall Emsisoft then reinstall it from this instructions Step 1 - Log on to your PC Step 2 - Go to Control Panel Step 3 - Head to Uninstall a program Step 4 - Uninstall Emsisoft using the built in Step 5 - If it ask for a reboot, please let it do so Step 6 - Download the Emsisoft Cleaner, this will clean all traces that are left behind after Windows uninstall, Link from Emsisoft https://dl.emsisoft.com/Emsiclean.zip Step 7 - Save the uninstall to your desktop or anywhere you can find it and run it Step 8 - Run the EmsisClean, if it pop up for the agreement please click " I accept and agree" Step 9 - let it finish scan Step 10- After the scan is finish, it shows you the traces left behind Step 11 - Select all traces and then perform remove them. Step 12 - It will ask for reboot if not do it manual to make sure it gone Step 13 - You are free to redownload Emsisoft product without any issues arrive in the future.
  21. ESET Smart Security can't run along with Comodo firewall. Running two firewalls is not good for your system especially for every day use. Two firewall will cause conflict to each other, as one try to do some network filtering, you mentioned that you use ESET Smart Security and Comodo, have you fully uninstall them completely? Comodo firewall or ESET Smart Security definitely the cause of Emsisoft installing and interfere with the module.
  22. Questions! 1) Since there is no update button on Emsisoft Mobile Security, does that mean that it cloud protection? 2) Does Emsisoft Mobile Security use Bitdefender engine as well or just Emsisoft?
  23. If you are using Windows 8 or 8.1, you can get Adobe flash player update through Windows Update which is way more safer than visit the site.Here is the adobe flash player verify link http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/. This link is use to check if you have the latest adobe flash player version install on your computer.
  24. Glad it working! Also, don't forget to give me a like . Even though i didn't help you a lot compare to Emsisoft employee, but i did my best to solve your issue atleast. @Alexstrasza and @cship the emsiclean will not cause any harmful at all. I been using it since last time when i face a major issue on EAM. The emsiclean just like other antivirus uninstall tool such as Norton uninstall,Bitdefender,or Avast uninstall tool that you have to use if you are planning to get rid all of the its traces especially really helpful to track down what cause the AV to act strange. The only downside of using Emsiclean is setting and data loss which is not major deal. As long your AV working fine then you don't have to worry about those.
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