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  2. For me is Emsisoft Internet Security + Malwarebytes Anti Exploit premium = beast protection agaisnt virus/malware and exploit as well On demand = Malwarebytes Anti Malware, Malwarebytes Anti Rootkit, Kaspersky TDSSKiller, SUPERAntiSpyware,Adwcleaner, Dr.Web CureIt!, HitmanPro, Norton Power Eraser,and Zemana Anti Malware That's pretty much i use every week, also you might want to back up your files and documents in case of something goes wrong. Matter of fact, the real antivirus is you as the user because computer cannot get infected without you manipulated the computer action.If you practice safe surf and not stupidity enough to download and install some piece of shit random prono stuff, then pretty much you are safe. But if you are super paranoid person that don't know whether the site is clean, you can use virustotal.com to check whether is clean or not before process your action. Is sounds compilcated, but hey better be safe than sorry right? and i doubt you rather waste 5 minutes to check the site than spend $100+ or 5 hours to remove the malware/virus.
  3. Emsisoft is definitely the best internet security i have ever own. Emsisoft keep everything normal and understandable even you are not an advanced user. I use to use Kaspersky in the past, since the software have too many settings so is hard to know what the heck they are mean and is hard to track down which settings is not incompatible. Overall, i feels safe with Emsisoft because is has dual scanner engine! And is cost cheaper than Bitdefender and Kaspersky!
  4. Thanks for the replied, so should i turn windows firewall off manually or leave it like that in the picture above? Also does the picture above show that my windows firewall is disable or enable?
  5. By the way, just to let you guys know that i am currently using Emsisoft Internet Security 10 in the picture above.
  6. I bought a new 1 year license of Emsisoft Internet Security and decide to install the software. Installing was success without any issue at all, but when i open my windows firewall i see this so should i click " use recommended settings" and is okay for it to be like this?
  7. I disagreed on your statement, hackers has multiple ideas what they are going to do with your computer once is been hijacked. One of them is manipulate your computer to do some illegal things, such as hack into banker computer to process illegal transaction using your computer information in order to makes you a culprit. Second is botnet networks and is hard to tell if you are one of them unless you are expert to dig deeper onto it. Last thing is share your information across the cyber criminal network. Therefore, is impossible to retreat it unless you wants FBI and Law Enforcement to involve on this, otherwise is already too late once they pull trigger before you.
  8. I think he refer to Malware Removal Guide and Self Help Guide section under Malwarebytes forum, where malwarebytes everyday detect something and let everybody know what it is and how to remove them. For instance, Malwarebytes detect System Notifier as a browser hijack and they will explain what is browser hijack and also show you how to remove it using their software and how to protect yourself by purchasing their software.
  9. You cannot runs two antivirus at the same time, because both of them will detect each other operation as malicious and therefore leads to major system conflict. As your question, i will said pick either Norton or Emsisoft as real time protection antivirus solution. Emsisoft is both antivirus and antimalware so running it together with Norton and Malwarebytes will 3x decreased your system performance and security issue. Also, if you are planning to use Emsisoft as real time antivirus solution, i recommend you add rule for Malwarebytes, because it will decreased any issue arrive for both of them. Malwarebytes is anti malware solution therefore can run alongside any antivirus, but keep in mind for any strange behaviors such as system crash, application crash, or system performance slow down.
  10. Content of post removed. Malware Removal advice by third-parties is not permitted.
  11. Is this a bug? Gap hole on EAM alert windows and no down ward or up ward arrow either and no information. But i know is one of my legitimate application uninstaller.
  12. I always go to youtube and watch videos, but if i want to go some random site, i always upload it to virustotal.com to see the result before clicking it. Better be safe than sorry. Also, i do have AdBlock Plus on Google Chrome browser so......
  13. @Exoz thanks for the answer! I do have a custom high end gaming pc not the old dinosaur age computer so i don't feel slow down at all. Is using less than 7MB of my RAM so i'm okay with it, since i have 8GB RAM, I7-4770k, GTX 780, 1TB HDD(Storage), and 256GB SSD(OS).
  14. By the way, can i runs Malwarebytes anti exploit free or premium real time with Emsisoft Anti Malware 9 real time without conflict?
  15. Can i runs EAM + MBAM real time protection without any issue or conflict?
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