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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. Got the problem solved!
  2. Emsisoft Support Personnel: A program installed on my husband's computer yesterday. He doesn't know where it came from, it appears to be malware, and will not uninstall. It is asking him to click on ot to clean his computer of infected files, at which time I assume it will further hijack his computer. I've attached the files for review. Thank you 5-4-16 FRST.txt Addition.txt EEK Scan 5-4-16 scan_160504-163935.txt
  3. Requested scan results attached- please advise next step. Thank you! Hope you have a great weekend! FRST.txt a2scan_150214-093059.txt Addition.txt
  4. Kevin Zoll: Sorry for the delay, internet went down last night. Yesterday the icon for SlimCleaner Plus disappeared from the desktop, but was still in the programs listed in the uninstaller. I clicked uninstall to see if I would get the same message: that I didn't have administrative right to uninstall the program and a miracle, it uninstalled. There is still three references to SlimCleaner in the quarantine section of EMSISOFT all starting with HKEY and I assume I can now delete those as well. I've also attached the two text files created as a result of the last programs you instr
  5. Thank you Kevin Zoll! Will wait for your reply Wednesday afternoon for further direction.
  6. SlimCleaner Plus Malware won't uninstall. Emsisoft put a total of 4 files with the SlimCLeaner name including HKey in quarantine last week and prior to me running the EMSISOFT Emergency and Farbar programs tonight. This is my husbands computer and if he downloaded SlimCleaner, it wasn't intentional. but, we really don't know where it came from. I researched online and found articles that it is a rogue software and should be removed before it cause substantial problems. It won't uninstall and even though its in quarantine, it keeps popping up. I thought I would seek help from you sinc
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