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  1. Me to, 5123 items but Quarantine is empty
  2. PC reset

    EAM for MAC?

    I do exactly the same. Always sell Them Bitdefender for Mac. Also with emsisoft for Mac you can sell multi device licenses for android, Windows and than also Mac. Great selling point!
  3. I saw after the update the scan performance has improved. It changed its default scan level. Now it is set to fast and when I ran some EICAR test files it didn't detect 7 out of 8. After setting de default option to balanced again it detected al 8. I was thinking that this could be the case of the new scan level, but also when you open the EICAR files it didn't detect any. Is this normal?
  4. PC reset

    CLOSED Build 8572

    Good to hear.
  5. PC reset

    CLOSED Build 8572

    I noticed the same thing before. I am trying to reproduce the problem again but after happening it didn't happen again. I will send DB logs if I can
  6. Will there be a Mac security of Emsisoft soon? Or also a April fools day?
  7. After a few days the surf protection turns off without any warnings. It is happening a year now and I want to know if this is a known issue.
  8. I dont have this option. It would also be nice if resellers are informed about this change because I was customers still giving there normal discount.
  9. I like it a lot! It's fast, easy and modern.
  10. PC reset

    CLOSED Beta 8247

    Here to no problems.
  11. PC reset

    EAM for MAC?

    Are there any plans of introducing an anti-malware for Mac in the near future? I'm very curious. We see more and more interest of our customers that are demanding a good mac protection software. Now we deliver Emsisoft for Windows but we can't for MAC OS. By canceling development of EIS is there now more of a possibility for a new product?
  12. Do the same with Call of Duty WW2. I resolves the problem to.
  13. We hebben snel opstarten uitgeschakeld. Nu lijkt het tot nu toe goed te gaan. Mvg Tommy
  14. Het lijkt nu opgelost te zijn. Twee dagen is het probleem niet meer teruggekomen. Hopelijk blijft het zo.
  15. Bedankt Frank, We gaan verder kijken naar eventuele oorzaken. Bedankt voor jullie tijd.