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  1. Hi reerden, Looks like I have seen this problem before with some customers sinds updating to 7014. The systems are also Windows 10. I was unable to reproduce the problem on my systems with Windows 10. I don't have advanced debug logs. Did you also experienced that Start menu didn't open? I'm sure Emsisoft support will help you as soon as possible.
  2. I experienced some same issues while updating. When starting skype and was connecting to someone emsisoft was updating... It looked like the animation froze for a few seconds in skype and then the message apeared that emsisoft had updated. After pop-up of the notification skype started and animation in skype were moving again. I use a SSD I have seen this often by other customers while working on there computers with other programs. It seems there is indeed a lack problem while auto update is installing it's updates(not downloading).
  3. The quote of emsisoft blog: Note: Version 3.0 is free for all customers with valid licenses. Your license key can be used to unlock the new version of the app too. You will need to unlock the full version features after updating again as the settings are not taken over from the previous version. That is your answer for the second question
  4. I just send you a PM. It was more than only one spot Thanks for giving me the correct inlog page of Emsisoft.
  5. I'm using the new 3.0.1 mobile security. Information in the app says that I need to go to Bitdefender portal. When I'm logging into my.emsisoft.com it doesn't show my phone anymore. Edit: I saw my phone but if wasn't connecting to my device. I removed my device from emsisoft center en uninstalled emsisoft mobile security from my device. After reinstalling and using my gmail account again I didn't saw my device showing up on my.emsisoft.com
  6. I have activated EMsisoft mobile security with a new key. And registered on a gmail account. After that I wanted to test te location methodes. To do so you need to login on BitDefender Portal. When using my Bitdefender account (exsisting account) with the same gmail I can't see my Android phone in the portal. What to do? I try to understand
  7. After starting the computer Emsisoft was starting a scheduled scan. But when arriving on 82% the scan stopped and didn't progress. I'm unable to stop the scan even when closing the interface. After reopening the interface the scheduled scan apears to be stuck ad 82%. Unable to start new scan. I use build with the new BB engine, Beta enabled See logs and picture Logs.zip
  8. Thank you for the explanation!
  9. That seems better. Some times when I visit customers I see files in quarantine because of BB by user. It is more user friendly when files that are save automatic are moved to there original location.
  10. Emsisoft Version 12 was in beta for nearly 2 months. I also have tested and surely Emsisoft team as well. But a emsisoft employee wil help you in a short time.
  11. Did you tried to activate your ptoduct agian with the key? I'm not Emsisoft employee, but maybe I can help
  12. No I just use Windows 10 home. But thanks for the suggestion
  13. Hello there! I have a small question. I know when Emsisoft has been installed Windows defender is disabled. But when restarting my computer it takes a long time(about 30 seconds to 1 minute) before defender is disabled again. I even use a SSD and i7 but still i takes that long. Is this process going to improve?
  14. Why are you starting a topic on this forum? If you don't have a problem
  15. I don't have this problem on my pc. Default browser is chrome and opens correctly.
  16. After updating to version 6799 the interface hanged a few times when pressing on the malware scan button in Overview screen. I made a screenshot. I also turned on advanced debug logs. After closing the interface completely en starting again every thing worked fine. Logs and Screenshots.zip
  17. I saw that the new NL file wasn't updated. What I could do is when Emsisoft V12 is released, I will translate al the text and make a new NL file. You can skip the old NL file that I made.
  18. There were no problems after updating to the latest build
  19. Yes, scan speeds are fast again! On my desktop I reached a scan speed of 10 seconds with a malware scan.
  20. Sadly my notebook was stolen last night and I can't test this anymore. On my desktop works everything fine!
  21. Second test! I was wondering why the scan was faster then before. I noticed when you restart your pc by clicking on start>on/off> Restart the scans were faster. But when you shut down you pc by clicking start>on/off>Shutdown the scans are then a lot slower. istead of 20 seconds a few weeks ago it dropt again to 4 minutes by shutdown. And after restart it was 1 minute. I have made new logs while scanning after the shutdown method. Logs 2.zip
  22. I have reproduced the problem again. But slowdown was not as slow as before. It took 1 minute to finish a scan instead of 4 minutes. See the logs attached. I also noticed after restarting the pc. When Emsisoft was scanning I saw in taskmanager that defender was active. It took about 20 seconds before Emsisoft turned off defender. I thought let you know. See picture "defender". Debug logs.zip
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