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  1. Bart ransomware has infected a pc of a costumer. It was called a Bart ransomware with extensions .bart. See attached files for some encrypted files. I have succesfully removed Bart but the decryptor of AVG doesn't work. Maybe a new kind of encryption? Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/nl/file/89f056d7a9b1bf95680c37159757922536488d04a40f5ddbd33b45b51691b772/analysis/1473876673/ Is there any Decryptors left? Quarantine_160914-210916.txt encrypted files.zip
  2. Yes, I use A fresh copy. I had no good experience after upgrading. But for now I solved the problem. I had enabled Secure boot in BIOS. After disabling secure boot everything worked fine! The position of the notification is new for me. I like that it is center screen instead of rightdown corner. You can't overlook it when it pops-up
  3. First I uninstalled my Emsisoft AM V11. After restart I used Emsiclean. After installing Emsisoft AM v12 I get, while installing, three errors. When installing was completed I saw there is no File guard enabled. After restarting the pc made no differance. See attached pictures error 1, 2 and 3. After a update I get a notification. But it is not on the rightcornewere normally the notifications will pop-up. But it is centrealised on the ride side. See last picture. Maybe this isues are known or you are working on the fixes. If needed I can give you more info. I'm using Windows 10 64 bits using build 1607
  4. I'm not a Emsisoft employee but maybe this helps. https://helpdesk.emsisoft.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/150/0/how-can-i-completely-uninstall-an-emsisoft-product
  5. My friend has experienced the same issue last week. Only manual update did the trick and a restart was needed. For now everything works
  6. Hello Thomas, After the new update today of EMS the app lock feature has to work probably now. But is doesn't. Same problem as before.
  7. I run also the 6.0.1 android.
  8. Today I bought a new phone. The HTC 10 and now everything works fine exept the app lock. After locking a app with a pin it is still accessible. I have seen another post of this problem and it is a known problem by the developers. I wait until the next update and let you know.
  9. Small note: I have a HTC one m9 Android 6.0 HTC sense 7.0
  10. Hello Thomas, I have seen the pin on my.emsisoft.com. Also when I want to use App lock it doesn't work because before using I need to fill in my security pin. But also then it isn't working either. I just fill in the pin and it repeats me to fill in the pin again.
  11. Look at the first picture. I have disabled Memory optimization. I have a lot of idle RAM. thats why Emsisoft is welcome to use it. The application start extra quick, etc... But when I turn on Memory optimization is looks like this. Look to picture 2. My pc has 12GB RAM. Afcourse this is Anti-Malware. Internet security will be using a bit more RAM because of the Firewall.
  12. Hello, I have tried slot of times but my pin doesn't work anymore. If I want to chance my settings in SMS control I have to fill in my pin. After checking my pin code on my.emsisoft.com it still doesn't work.
  13. Another small addition. The detection between EEK and EAM are not different. However, the removal process is better. Where EAM usually can not remove all found malware it could be done by EEK . EAM sometimes can not remove everything and then you refer to the forum. With EEK you do not ( probably) EAM sometimes can not remove everything and then you refer to the forum. With EEK you do not ( probably)
  14. EAM 11 works fine for me, also on build 1511. I have a laptop + desktop and some costumers with the newer build. But haven't seen any problems yet. Suppose it is something on your computer rather then EAM? Just guessing
  15. I have experienced the same thing 30 minutes ago
  16. One thing I know for sure is when you switch V11 to stable updates it doesn't work. That's because V11 has no stable versions. You have to uninstall EAM en reinstall.
  17. You are fast?? Look to this Scaninstellingen: Scanmodus: Malware Scan Objecten: Rootkits, Geheugen, Sporen, Files Detecteer PUPs: Aan Scan archieven: Uit ADS Scan: Aan Bestandsextensiefilter: Uit Geavanceerde cache: Aan Directe schijftoegang: Uit Scan gestart: 12-4-2015 18:49:57 Gescand: 70144 Gevonden: 0 Scan geëindigd: 12-4-2015 18:50:09 Scantijd: 0:00:12
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