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  1. I've used TeamViewer so I'm happy for you to access my system to investigate the problem. As I am in Australia the time difference would need to be taken into account.
  2. Hello Christian, Private network is selected under Manage networks. I can browse the NAS using Windows explorer and have no issues transferring files. The Asustor Control Centre is used to update the Asustor applications and gives access to configuration settings. I also cannot use the WOL feature. If I disable the firewall the Asustor software and WOL is accessible, and I can put the unit to sleep. I have added two .exe files from the Asustor application under Program Files to the Application Rules and have allowed full access under the firewall options, both incoming and outgoing.
  3. I am unable to access my Asustor 202-TE NAS over the local home network when the EIS firewall is enabled. Disabling the firewall allows access. I would appreciate any help in creating a rule to allow access. Thanks for any help.
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