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  1. Hi thanks for the reply , I have enclosed both farbar reports as you asked for. thanks for your time and willingness to help me!!! Addition.txt
  2. Hello I recently bought a license for Emsisoft Internet Security 12. since the install I face some problems ; each time I start the computer the login screen hangs and 9 out of 10 times my wireless internet adapter service is not started automatically , so I have the fix the connection each and every time I reboot. I did do a scan with mbam , zam , superantispyware and some other tools , so the problem is NOT malware related. might it be emsi's firewall?
  3. thanks fabian for your reply , I have emet installed since a few hours , set to maximum security. no hiccups sofar
  4. hello Peter2150 and Tempus thank you both for your anwsers I have backed up my cdrive , just moments ago and I might ad emet tonight. when it comes to security I am very caustios. I do not want to have to much onboard , but at the same time be protected well.a yes the name starchild , well......the hottest band in the world......KISS do I need to say more
  5. Hello is is safe / needed to install emet 5.1 alongside EIS , or will this cause any conflicts? as an extra security meassurement I wanted to add Hitman Pro Alert. but before I do I wanted some expert opinions on this many thanks in advance!