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  1. Kevin, Thank you for the link and supplemental info.
  2. Also, shouldn't EAM have done something to clear the cache? or maybe it should have told the user to clear the cache? Maybe something to work on.
  3. Thank you for your response. 1) How do I clear the browser cache? 2) Why didn't EAM block this in the first place? It removed the file in <User>\Application Data\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Low\IE, but then it came back again.
  4. Here's the logs. As I said, EAM finds the infection and deletes it. I think I found the site with the malicious code. When I go there using IE, I get re-infected. EAM isn't preventing the infection from getting in. Addition.txt FRST.txt EEK scan_181011-141322.txt
  5. Hi, I'm running EAM on a Windows 7 machine. I've been getting scareware. EAM is not protecting against it coming in, but it does find the infection when I run a scan. It removes it and then later on it comes back. The file is found in <User>\Application Data\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Low\IE. From what I've read, this infection is due to visiting a web site with a nasty java script. Question is how can I prevent the infection from coming back.
  6. Maybe - but they didn't stop supporting XP. They kept on supplying updates. So what is a user to think? I'm thinking no problem, my XP machine is still updating. Guess they changed their mind. Now almost 2 years later, I see my updates hanging. How can anyone expect to link this 'hanging issue' with a notice that came out two years earlier? Emsisoft should have sent a notice closer to the time when the updates would actually stop working. Additionally, when trying to update on an XP machine, instead of the update hanging at 'Initializing', there should be a notice that 'updates are no longer supported on XP'. That would have told the user what was going on instead of letting them think there's a problem with EAM.
  7. I echo previous comments. My XP machine is no longer updating. I have a W7 and W10 machine, but use the XP machine 95% of the time. Disappointed with Emsisoft. They should have at least sent a notice a week before stating that on a certain date, machines running XP will no longer update. It came without warning.
  8. Thanks, that explains that. That BD folder is fairly large compared to EAM isn't it?
  9. It's on an older Surface. SSD space is at a premium. 13 MB would be better than the 513 MB in my Signature folder. Why do you think I'm using 500 MB when you think that 13 MB is all that the signatures should be using? I just noticed that of that 513 MB, 499 MB is in the BD directory. What's in that directory?
  10. I see there are over 300 signature files in my Emsisoft Anti-Malware folder. They date back to July. Can any of these be deleted? Is there another way to make this folder take up less space on a hard drive? TIA
  11. Yes I received your messages. Sorry I was out. I'm back now.
  12. David, are you around? Maybe you didn't get my emails.
  13. Yes you are helping and I've responded to your email. Thank you, Tony D
  14. A machine that I installed EAM on two months ago came back to me today because it’s not booting properly. Booted to Safe Mode and turned off the EAM service. The machine booted properly. Uninstalled EAM. Machine ran fine. Reinstalled EAM, restarted and it’s not booting properly. Gets stuck at black screen with white arrow. Boots with all services enabled except EAM. Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit
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