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    On PC with Internet connection:

    1) Download and extract EEK to the folder on local disk

    2) Run EEK and perform an update (signatures are stored in folder)

    3) Copy entire EEK folder from local disk to USB stick

    Go to offline PC, plug in USB stick and run EEK.

    You are ready to clean!

    Thanks. Good idea.


  2. Hi all!


    I searched the forum for the answer but was not able to find an answer.


    Is it possible to download the complete virus/malware/etc. definitions and put this .exe file (or something) on the same folder as other EEK files and update the virus/malware/etc definitions offline (for computers without the internet connection)?



    1. Download the definitions on a computer with Internet connection

    2. Copy this .exe to a USB stick with other EEK files

    3. Connect this USB stick to the computer without Internet access

    4. Update the definitions

    5. Start the EEK (Start Emergency Kit Scanner.exe)

    (something like that)



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