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  1. checking emsi homepage states is current version. update logs say all updates good. no checkbox for auto update in a2 free. everything seems to be working fine, just the langauge box and online update disappeared from the bar. the only thing i've done is uninstalled adobe reader. winxp,sp3,ie7,nis2009
  2. i update twice a day. in last couple days a scan engine and main app update. langauge box just disappeared. i'm showing version thanks i'm sure i'm looking at an uninstall/reinstall. does a2 have uninstall tool to stop the service
  3. the choose language box is now missing
  4. lynx, thanks for your help. have reinstalled, updated, and ran a scan
  5. what is the best way to stop a2service.exe? i'm getting ready to do an image backup of my system and i'm wanting to install fresh and updated software. i've had a2 on my system for years. 2.0 to present. i used revo uninstaller to remove a2 but the exe file remains. i want to delete and then reinstall a2. thanks