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  1. Windows did an automatic update last night while I was sleep. After I woke up I've ran several scans throughout the day & the issue seems to be resolved. I also ran the ADwCleaner again & nothing was found. As of now it seems like the issue is resolved. You can close this thread. Thanks for your help, time & patience.
  2. I downloaded Emergency Kit to run a scan & just like it did with the Internet Security it STOPPED scanning at zPharaoh.exe & won't go any further. And everytime I try to close it & re-open it to run another scan it's already at the same spot. I downloaded the Farbar Recovery Tool to run a scan & about 10 seconds in the scan the mouse pointer starts spinning wheel & it says not responding. I press control/alt/delete to end the process & the process won't stop. The wheel just keeps spinning.
  3. Everytime I run a scan it gets stuck at zPharaoh.exe - How do I remove it permanently ? Thanks.
  4. Attached ESETPoweliksCleaner.exe_20150403.034516.14520.log
  5. Even since I installed Emsisoft Internet Security I've had nothing but issues with my Router not connecting properly & now my internet speed thru my Ethernet cable is slowing down too. What can I do to remedy these issues ?
  6. Nevermind. I had click the link in the confirmation email that sent me to reBIT instead of the link to send me to the Emsisoft.
  7. Now I'm on the black pop up window but it's only giving me the options for local backup & Network back up , not the option to complete install the security software
  8. I'm stuck on the RUN pop up window. I click run & it basically does nothing. What should I do ?
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