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  1. I completed your instructions and had 2 suspicious objects. Software advised "skip" and I did. No reboot instructed by the software. I attached the TDSSKiller text file.


    Another issue:

    I can't open my Turbo Tax program as my computer dosen't recognise the proper program to open the application. Does this hace something to do with that Cryptolocker Ransome ware I noticed earlier? 




  2. I followed your instructions with the following issues:

    1) I have a shortcut to some application called cryptolocker and my screen saver is the information in HELP_TO_SAVE_YOUR_FILES txt document attached.


    This all happened while I was running the JRT application. I turned off my emsisoft anti-malware protection as instructed during the JRT scan. Not sure what happened.


    Still need assistance.


    Thank You


    Additional Information:


    I re-ran JRT and did get the JRT log I will attach. 

    I re-ran the FRST and will attach the new fixlist.txt file.


    I still have the cryptlocker shortcut on my desktop and the same issues I reported above.





  3. I currently have Emsisoft on my Computer (Vista Home Premium 32 Bit) but an having problems with my Windows Vista applications.

    1)I keep getting Windows Command prompts being closed,

    2) Multiple "Default IME" showing in Task Manager

    3) Multiple "Internet Explorer" in Task manager

    4) Emsisoft Full scan will not completely run to conclusion.

    5)The computer is running extremely slow.

    I attached the Text files your website requested from Emsisoft Emergency Kit and Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. (I had to download them to a USB flash drive because my computer was running too slow.