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  1. Thank you so much! I have to say, when I got support through "Support.com" for the rebooting problem, the tech asked why I would be using Emsisoft?... this is why because of your excellent support and product. Thank you once again.
  2. I'm sorry, the other log file as an example is the following: 7/30/2019 9:31:34 AM Behavior Blocker detected suspicious behavior "CryptoMalware" of C:\Users\c1wav\AppData\Local\Temp\oct7FE.tmp.exe (SHA1: E1B1D23B29C2901779335E92AF802BD39BF33032) 7/30/2019 9:31:38 AM A notification message "Suspicious behavior has been found in the following program: C:\Users\c1wav\AppData\Local\Temp\oct7FE.tmp.exe" has been shown This is a typical type file name that appeared in the past as well. Thank you
  3. Hello, I did as instructed and copied the log file. It is as follows: 8/1/2019 11:09:12 AM Behavior Blocker detected suspicious behavior "CryptoMalware" of C:\Users\c1wav\AppData\Local\Temp\octA08.tmp.exe (SHA1: E1B1D23B29C2901779335E92AF802BD39BF33032) 8/1/2019 11:09:18 AM A notification message "Suspicious behavior has been found in the following program: C:\Users\c1wav\AppData\Local\Temp\octA08.tmp.exe" has been shown I will try doing as you said regarding the Topaz Labs software and see if this resolves it. Thank you!
  4. Pardon me I prematurely submitted before finishing my issues... 2. I believe there is a software conflict with Emsisoft and Topaz Lab software. When I update any Topaz Lab software I get a notice that it may be a Trojan Downloader or some such. I downloaded "Studio 2" yesterday, had it opened while participating in a seminar and my computer rebooted 3 times approximately 5-10 minutes apart. I had to shut down and get help as I thought it may be a virus, but I was told I was not via "Support.com". The site to download "Studio 2" is " https://topazlabs.com/studio/ I have not had my computer simultaneously reboot since, however. I have not used Topaz Labs since though. Any assistance would be most appreciated. My computer is Windows 10, system is 64 bit operating system. Thank you, C
  5. Hello, I have two issues which may or may not be related... 1.I have had this issue in the past which seemed to be resolved after review with Emsisoft and which may have been a false positive? Every time I boot up computer, within minutes I get an Emsisoft suspicious behavior notification which states in the log "Behavior.CryptoMalware" in "oct7FE.tmp.exe" or "octA08.tmp.exe". It seems as though it generates the same prefix "oct.* followed by a different suffix "A08" (as an example). I had this happen before approximately 6 months ago, got direct help through Emsisoft and finally was able to resolve it.
  6. Hello Jeremy, Thank you for your prompt reply. I followed your suggestions with success, I am up and running all thanks to you! Thank you
  7. Hello, I have a new computer with Norton Antivirus running by default on Windows 10. How do I unstall it safely and reinstall my EmsiSoft Antimalware? Should I uninstall Norton before installing and running Emsisoft or what is best procedure? Is there anything else I should consider in this process? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hello, Everything seems to be working fine still and I better understand the issue of the Emsiclean. Thank you everyone, once again, for all your time and explaining things to me. It is very much appreciated!
  9. Hello, I did uninstall, use the Emsiclean, and reinstalled EIS prior to seeing your advice alexstraza and your instructions Kevin Zoll. I followed your instructions Jerky McDilerino and did a complete uninstall and reinstall of EIS. I say with trepidation that it appears to have been successful so far even though I never figured out what happened to cause all the problems to begin with. Everything seems to be working just fine now; however, I am worried seeing your advice alexstraza and hope I did not harm my computer. If there is something else I should know I would appreciate that information. In the meantime, I so greatly appreciate everyone's time and efforts! Thank you!
  10. I wanted to thank you Jerky McDilerino. for your suggestion!
  11. Hello Arthur, I did as you recommended and it did not work. The "Startup Type" was already set to "automatic". The only variable to your instructions was in step #7 where the "start" option was grayed-out, so I selected the "restart" option. Simultaneously, (I was unaware until now), windows update had a number of updates that had failed yesterday. I successfully installed all but two and need to address those as I am getting an error message. I attached several error windows I got while trying to do those steps you recommended. When I do click on the EIS desktop icon, an Emsisoft Protection window pops up in the lower right hand taskbar area stating: "Emsisoft Protection is waiting for a component (service) to start..." After a bit of time, I get the same error window that popped up previously (which I have quoted in red above in my question I submitted yesterday)... "A major problem has prevented the application from starting..." Should I just uninstall and attempt to reinstall EIS as Jerky M. suggested? Is it a simple uninstall and reinstall? Thank you for your time.
  12. Hello, Unfortunately I am suffering once again with the exact same problem as before. EIS will not open when clicked whether from the desktop shortcut icon or from the a2start under the program files. It will not update, it does nothing. It is as though I do not have EIS installed and I cannot access the EIS user interface. I went ahead and followed the previous instructions of uninstalling the EIS network filter driver and I was able to get online afterwards. After rebooting and reinstalling the EIS network filter driver, I could not get on the internet at all. I again uninstalled the EIS network filter driver, rebooted, and I was able to get online although I got the following message: Emisoft Protection: A major problem has prevented the application from starting. EIS cannot connect to the service application. Please reboot your computer and try again or contact support if the problem persists. I did successfully run the Emsisoft Emergency Kit (EEK) and it was negative. I also turned off the EIS firewall and turned on the windows firewall after all this for temporary protection. I am at a loss as to what to do. Any assistance would be most appreciated. (By the way, I still have AdwCleaner installed from my previous session in May. Just in case, can I use that if need be while troubleshooting or do I need to reinstall it?) Thank you for your time.
  13. Thank you very much for all your help! My computer seems to be running much smoother now and I am very pleased. Emsisoft and their employees are simply the best! Thank you again.
  14. Hello, Update at 5:19 pm, 5/28/2015... EIS did its scheduled scan and found and quarantined two items. Attached is a scan log for what it found. I wonder if this is coincidental to the AdwCleaner and the other scan you advised me to do today? I have so far never had a positive scan with EIS. What should I do with this new information? Thank you for your time. scan_150528-170014 - 5 28 2015 scan.txt
  15. Hello Arthur, Thank you for your patience. I have done what you suggested and attached are the files from my scans, although there was only AdwCleaner [s0].txt, AdwCleaner [R0], and a quarantine folder all within one folder of AdwCleaner. Thank you! JRT.txt AdwCleanerS0.txt
  16. Hello Arthur, Thank you for your prompt reply. I did what you suggested successfully; I was able to find, uninstall and then reinstall Emsisoft Network Filter. I was able to connect to the internet at both times with no problems. Finally, EIS seems to be working fine at this time. I have two questions if I may: 1. What is the function of the Emsisoft Network Filter and is having it on or off an option for better performance in the future just as long as I do not keep uninstalling and reinstalling as you indicated? 2. It was mentioned by Kevin I may have an unwanted PUP... how do I locate it and get rid of it? Thank you very much!
  17. Hello, After my original posting here and after posting and submitting the requisite attachments, i.e., EEK log, FRST and Addition logs under the "Help my PC is infected" subforum, it was suggested I come back to this forum for further assistance. Emsisoft Employee Kevin Zoll stated the following... "cship, Your system does not appear to be infected. There is a PUP on the system that should be cleaned up. There could be an issue with the EIS firewall network driver. There are a couple of issues that our developers are aware of and are working on resolving. If you start a support thread in the EIS support forum one of are support techs will take a look at teh problem." I am here for further assistance if that is okay. Can you see the conversation under the other subforum or do I have to repeat and resubmit the attachments I submitted before? Thank you for your time **link to post in Malware removal area http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/17431-computer-acting-funny-and-had-problems-with-eis-which-did-resolve/
  18. Thank you very much Kevin. I will try to do as you suggest... hopefully I can copy all the information from here to the other EIS forum. Thank you once again.
  19. Hello, I posted a couple of days ago in the general forum area under EIS about my EIS icons and the a2start EIS program not working when I clicked on it. Nothing would happen when I clicked on them. I finally did a 3rd or 4th reboot and it all worked fine afterwards as though nothing happened. I was able to do scans which all came back negative. I do find it odd that EIS would not work and my computer seems a little buggy lately. Today it was the internet that suddenly would not work... although it worked on other devices. I rebooted several times, I believe, and it started to work. Is it possible I may have a virus? I attached the required files. Thank you very much for your time. Addition.txt FRST.txt a2scan_150525-165029 txt.txt
  20. Jerky McDilerino, Thank you for the suggestion. I think I will do more investigation into this as it was odd even though my EIS seems to be working fine without a hitch now. Again, thank you everyone!
  21. yakuza112 You asked, "Are you sure that the process is alive? Are all processes running (a2...) if you open the taskmgr" Under taskmanager "process", no, it does not show EIS app opened under my windows 8.1. But under the "details" tab in taskmanager it shows "status" as "running." So I am confused what this means... perhaps it is not running at all. thank you Update.... Hours later after making my original post, I had to reboot because my computer suddenly stopped... I believe due to critical low battery. It appears I missed the warning popup window as I have been away from the computer off and on. When I rebooted, EIS appeared to be working normally with all icons up, running, and working when I click on them. I did note that my EIS log showed one EIS update this morning when I first booted up... even though my EIS icons did not seem to be working. They are working fine now it appears and I am getting updates. I am concerned, however, as to why this happened? Is this a sign of a virus trying to affect EIS and should I dig deeper? Thank you all for your time.
  22. Hello, I am a little confused regarding whether or not EIS is actually running or not. When I go to the task manager, under details, it shows EIS status "running". However, I followed your instructions sheep expert and double clicked "a2start" and it did not open the interface. It does show that it was modified on May 11 which is when it probably updated to the 10 version. EIS testing team: The icon disappeared from the "show hidden icons" on the tray bar originally. In the interim though, I did successfully locate the shortcut icon on the tray bar; however, it does not open up... nothing happens when I click on any icons, or when I click on the "a2start" under the program files.
  23. Hello, My EIS will not open. The shortcut icon is still on the desktop, unaltered, but will not open. The EIS icon usually shows at the bottom of my screen in the taskbar inside the "show hidden icons" and it is not there. I had it confirmed that EIS appears to be opened and functioning; however, we were simply unable to open it for me to see the user interface, (if I am saying it correctly) consequently I cannot see it, change any settings, see if updates are working, etc. I did reboot several times and the problem remained. The only thing I did different after this problem was to pin the EIS icon directly to the taskbar, which I now see the icon; however, it still will not open. As a side, my EIS was updated to the new 10 version very recently within the last week or so with no issues at the time. Any help in the matter would be most appreciated. Thank you
  24. Hello, I followed your instructions and attached is the log file from "Emsisoft Clean" you requested. Thank you so much! c EmsiClean_2015.03.09_10.33.26.txt
  25. Hello, I have been communicating with Emsisoft customer support via email regarding my Emsisoft Internet Security not wanting to update suddenly as of March 4, 2015. We have been troubleshooting (fiddler2 session used) and the following is the information I have to attach: There is no log from Emsisoft Internet Security scan as it was negative. 1. "Addition" log 2. "FRST" log 3. Screen shots of error messages I was last instructed to "uninstall" Emsisoft Internet Security, restart my computer twice and then given a link to acquire & reinstall EIS once again. However, I was unable to "uninstall" after several attempts. I then called Support.com who tried twice to uninstall it. They finally stated I needed an "uninstaller" to completely uninstall EIS as I continue to get error messages that some of it is still running somewhere in my computer and consequently will not reinstall. After my sessions with Support.com, I remembered that I originally had Emsisoft AntiMalware & Online Armor one week prior to having my subscription changed to Emsisoft Internet Security back in September of 2014. (I found the installers in my download file which I then deleted). I am not sure that is relevant. How do I get an "uninstaller" and if that does not work, what should I do? Thank you for your time.... c Addition.txt FRST.txt
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