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  1. It seems it would be a useful feature not just in the situation I described, but in instances where you are on a foreign or public network, and do not want certain programs to access the internet for a variety of reasons. It seems that push-button instant alternate firewall configurations would be a valuable addition to the program. Is there another solution the dev team can think of to accomplish the goal, aside from manually blocking all applications in Firewall/Rules/Programs, and then unblocking the components I desire to have temporary access? Doing it manually every time would be a chore.
  2. Hi everyone, New to Online Armor, and trying to figure out if it is possible to segregate program access when using a proxy program. I would like to suspend firewall throughput for everything but the proxy client and certain select programs such a Chrome while the proxy service is running. The service's created proxy network shows up in the interfaces list, but as a new user I don't see a clear path in the GUI to facilitate that process, if its even possible. From the description of its features it seems I saw that capability. I am excited to see such granular control in a software firewall in any case, I have been disappointed in the feature sets of many different products on the market.