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  1. Unfortunally since 2008 and GrayFish's first version, a lot of PC in the world could be infected : If some of them were used by HDD manufacturers it's also possible that news HDD are infected when you buy a new PC, before you began use it.
  2. Hello. Before all, sorry if my english isn't extraordinary because, i'm a french user of your apps. I've read few days ago that a new type of malware was discovered by the Kaspersky Lab . It's hidden in the firmware of IBM, Samsung, Maxtor, Western Digital Toshiba and Seagate HDD. With other malware like Regin or Stuxnet for example, it's seems possible to stole important informations on PC without detection by classic antimalware apps. french source : http://www.numerama.com/magazine/32247-grayfish-un-trojan-dissimule-dans-les-disques-durs-revele-par-kaspersky.html english arti
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