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  1. I don't know what 'driver verifier' is or why it is running. When I wanted to collect the minidumps I found they were already cleared by my systems strict cleaning methods. I changed those settings to keep them saved from now on. By setting my system back to a restore point I managed to have things resolved for now. But I would still like to know about this driver verifier, since I don't like any process active that shouldn't be. Is it a valid part of Online Armor ? [edit 1: I googled 'driver verifier' so I now know it is part of Windows Vista, but still I do not know if it should be enabled or not and if not, how to disable it] [edit 2: Start > type verifier in the "Start Search" box and press "Enter" > Delete existing settings > Finish] [edit 3: Keep in mind that once you enable the Driver Verifier Manager it stays active until you disable it. To do so, follow these steps: Access the Run dialog box by pressing the [Windows]-R keyboard shortcut. In the Open text box, type the command-> Verifier /reset.]
  2. Hi. I am using Online Armor Yesterday my Vista PC crashed, and according to the crash dumps it seems to be caused by online armor, I think. Here is the analysis by 'Who Crashed' : The crash occured while I was trying to have my PC go to sleep. (sounds funny, crash is not) An other 'Who Crashed' report from an earlier time of that day : Blue Screen View gave me the following : I hope you can help me figure out what's going on. Strange thing is I only got ONE actual blue screen, but it could be that my system recovered from all crashes but the last one and therefor gave me only one BSoD. All BSV reports relating to OA : Sorry for the long post.
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